Monday, April 20, 2015

What's Trending Monday - Week #3

What's new in the news.....

#ACMawards50 (American Country Music awards)
Tim Tebow (football player)
#Handwrittengifting (a song on iTunes)
#SAMAXXI (South African Music Awards)
Denny Hamlin (NASCAR diver)
Joe Johnson (basketball player)
Cavs (Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team)
Rogue One (Star Wars film)

Mediterranean shipwreck
Bobby Brown (Whitney Houston's daughter)
Beanie Baby (the rarest one in the world)
Norway (plans to shut down all FM radio stations)
Washington Animal Clinic (vet shoots cat with bow and arrow)
Cabarrus County North Carolina (obituary requests that people NOT vote for Hillary Clinton)
The County Music Awards

#Fantastic Four
#Eagles (football team)
#GoSpursGo (basketball team)
#Hawks (hockey team)

See ya soon,

Friday, April 17, 2015

TCS Artist Feature - Tiffany Willardo of Designs By Tiffany

It's time for another artist feature so let's check out Tiffany and her shop

Designs By Tiffany
Everything Summer

What is the story behind your shop name? My store name is Designs by Tiffany because simply that's what I do! I love to design things.
Where, when, how did you learn your craft?I started out by searching the internet for a gingerbread themed wreath for my own door and what I cane across was very expensive items! I thought to myself I can make something cuter for cheaper than that! That's when I designed my first wreath. I enjoyed it so much I decided to make a few more and sell them. They sold FAST! Then I thought wow I can make a little business out of this!!!

Patriotic Wreath

Tell us a little about your family life...married, kids, pets, etc.
I am from Indiana, a single mom, and this has been great extra income! I opened up a few online shops including my shop on The CraftStar and went from there. I have made custom floral arrangements custom wreaths for all occasions and custom cupcake magnet orders for baby shower party gifts and wedding shower gifts! I love branching out and trying new things and I'm very excited about my business. I want to continue growing and learning.  It takes a lot of time, money and dedication but it's me doing something I love so I'm determined. I found a way to express myself creatively and this makes me a happier person.

Stop by Tiffany's shop, and see for yourself the great items she has to offer to make your home beautiful


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Our Tuesday Night Re-Cap...Support!

On last night's Tuesday Night Kickoff show, we learned, we laughed, and we had tons of fun, as usual.  Now for the recap...
We talked about some great blog posts that I share every Saturday....

We started with a great post from Marc and Angel Hack Life blog and we talked about how we need each other.  We creatives need to support and encourage each other since there are already enough negative people out in the world. 

Then we talked about our about me pages...
Every site you are on has an about me area....and your customers want to learn about you.  So we need to learn to brag about ourselves but in a way that will make our customers feel comfortable about giving us their business.  There is a wonderful website, About.Me, that gives you a virtual business card to share.  I will be going into more detail about our profiles on a future post.
Umlaut Graphics would love to provide you with banners and avatars for your about me sections and websites.

And then we shared some wonderful wedding products and shops for this upcoming season.


You can click on any of the above banners to visit each shop.
And don't forget to mark you calenders for Tuesday nights!!!!


Monday, April 13, 2015

What's Trending Monday - Week #3

It's a little late in the day....but the week is just starting, so let's see what everyone is talking about!

#coachella (Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival)
Finlay (from X Factor)
Nyssa (from X Factor)
Rubio (Republican Presidential Candidate)

Eric Harris
Marco Rubio
Tori Spelling
Pink (the singer)
Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
Bobby Brown

#Psylocke (X-men character)
#SpaceX (NASA)
#NABshow (National Association of Broadcasters)