Thursday, November 20, 2014

Hello Hello Hello

It's starting to feel like The CraftStar is THE place to be (and it is), and we want to do a shout out to some more new shops.

The swan in this photograph is absolutely beautiful, and looking at it makes me feel serene.  Jerry Cowart is an award winning photographer and his shop is just filled to the brim with amazing photos.

I love the simple but stunning look of this geometric quartz crystal necklace created by Emily Brownback and found in her shop Old Soul Flow.  Great bohemian pieces for the gypsy in all of us.

What better way to add flair to your holiday table than with this vintage tablecloth? Claudia Carver has some really nice vintage and upcycled pieces in her shop, Chameleon.

 I've always wanted to try my hand at spinning, and this burgundy alpaca roving looks so soft and would be perfect for my first try.  Maple Smith is an amazing 72 year old widowed school teacher who has surrounded herself with animals that she loves, and they in turn provide her with fleece for her shop, North Star Alpacas.

Robin Grasty is the owner of the shop Inspired Designs by Robin, and she is filling her shop with lovely charm bracelets, like this fun gingerbread Christmas bracelet.

This pink roses soap looks absolutely delicious!  You can find this and other wonderful bath and beauty supplies in Pegasus Soaps.  Michelle has been making soap for 9 years, and makes them as you order them, so they are fresh.

Heather Dittmar has created some of the cutest dolls for her shop, Heart Felt Plush.  She first creates her dolls on the computer then brings them to life with felt and thread.  What little girl wouldn't love this Goth Pink Doll?

Wow....check out the colors and detail of this Autumn Tree of Life Clay necklace.  Kiki Engel added every leaf and branch piece by piece on a clay base to create this pendant.  Wait till you see what else you can find at Charmingly Yours.

Another new jewelry shop is Angela Wilbern Jewelry.  I love the look of this triple strand green czech bead necklace.  Angela has been designing jewelry for 15 years selling at local craft shows, and now she's sharing her talent with us.

Now if you're looking for the perfect gift, contact Katrina Brown from Custom Gifts by KB and get a personal custom ceramic ornament.  Katrina is a military wife, and has used her talent to stay close to her family, and now she is using her talent, for us.

Now it's your turn, click on any link above and visit these great new shops from The CraftStar!

Thanks again to Quirky Bits N Pieces for her help with the images for this post.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The CraftStar Welcomes....

We would love to welcome some more new shops to the wonderful community of The CraftStar.

First up is Royal MajesTees.  Sara is a self-confessed girlie girl who loves fashion, coffee, reading, loom knitting, designing t-shirts and paper crafting. She also has a wonderful husband, 2 dogs and a cat.  And she created this I love California hoodie.

I picked this Besties Big Head digital print because of the orange hat, and she is just adorable! You'll find a whole family of these cuties at Sherri Baldy My-Besties.

If you love horses, you'll love Lucky Pony. An avid horse lover herself, April takes authentic horse shoes, and creates wonderful decor for your home, like this Christmas Inspired Shoe.

Meet Joyce, the creator of Joyful Seeds Bracelets.  While helping her church make bracelets for local nurses, she discovered the fun of making paper beads, and from that she started her shop, and her flair resulted in this green and turquoise lovely bracelet.

Tina makes handmade and unique necklaces with Pardo clay, which you'll find on Gaia's Magic.   Check out this jasper goddess.

As an avid crocheter, and color lover, I had to share these polymer clay hook handles from Craft Coalition.  Lauren is an avid crafter, in fact, she claims the title "craftaholic".  We need to get together and have some CA meetings. lol

And for more color, hop over to Tropic Accents!  Mimi is a global artist, selling her home decor all over the world.  I love this metal butterfly light switch.

Michelle's shop is Crochet50.  She creates beautiful items that will surely become family heirlooms, like this christening gown.  My sister has pictures of every one of her kids in the same outfit...and you can use this one to start your own tradition.

Lola Blue Design is a shop full of premade logo designs for your business.  Mandy is a professional graphic designer and illustrator, with a degree in visual communications and marketing and with 14 years of experience, she can help you succeed in your business.  How pretty is this watercolor rose logo?

And my pick of the day?  This totally awesome knit belly dancer named Sheba by Jan of JoLArts Crafts.  My niece is a belly dancer, and I love watching her dance (the few times I got to see her dance).  Jan is from Australia...the lovely land down under, and the only place I would leave my home to go visit. lol

Well, that's it for today.  I would like to thank Kristen from Quirky Bits-n-Pieces for creating the photo collages for this post.  I love her!!!

If you missed last night's Casual Monday, you can catch it below, and don't forget to visit these shops and welcome them to The CraftStar family!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

It's A Party Here!

Wow, it's only November 13th and we're already welcoming in 36 new shops to our community!  The word is getting out about how great The Craftstar is for those who love, and sell, handcrafted artisan items.  Let's see what's new.

A beautiful print of an original Hellebore Flower Pastel by JoLArts

Stay tuned for more shops, and fun.  Don't forget to sign up for the wild 4 day shopping weekend promos.  And stop by the show tonight for our shabby chic dress form tutorial by Angela Holt.  You can catch information about this past Monday's show here.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Angela Holt and Mai Larsen - Our Very Special Guests on Casual Monday

We had such an awesome show yesterday....we've had 40 people watch it, and it is so worth another viewing.

Our special guests were Angela Holt and Mai Larsen.  
Mai's shop on The Craftstar is 
Creating With Detail, and is filled with awesome lace, cameos, filigrees, and my favorite...

this Cream Curled Flapper Feather.  Mia loves to search and find us crafters the very best deals on these crafting supplies.  And that's where Angela comes into the picture.

Angela Holt is a creative who totally thinks out of the box and shows us how to create amazing shabby chic items with Mia's supplies, like this...

Masquerade Mask, and like I said...AMAZING!
After making her tutorial videos, she sells her creations in her shop

Together they created and sell the kits for us to make this...

Last night, they gave away one of these kits, and our lucky winner was Kristen from Quirky Bits and Pieces...
and on Thursday's show, they will show us exactly how to create this 
shabby chic dress form, and if you want to create one for yourself? Just click on the link and get yourself one. :0)

So mark your calendar for Thursday....

Monday, November 10, 2014

More New Shops For Your Viewing Pleasure

Choices are good...and here at The CraftStar the choices just get better and better.
Let's go check out some new shops...

Our first stop is Holiday Earrings, where I found these lovely orange Cats Eye drop earrings.  Yeppers, I'm starting out the tour with something orange. lol
If the items here in Phyllis's shop seem familiar (they did to me) that's because she has been on several sites.  So let's welcome her here to the best!!!

I was going to do an "orange" theme, but our next shop didn't have anything orange. :(
But I did find this pretty Christmas Rag Wreath.
Vicky is the creator here at Moose Pointe Creations, and while she's still new, her items are timeless.

Oh, I need to be here...I grew up in the north with white cool would it be to celebrate on the beach!  You can just imagine with this Paradise Suncatcher by jrstainedglassnidest.

I am a science fiction nut, and this original Planet of the Orbs watercolor by Jane Priser is so cool.  I have seen Jane on several sites on the web over the past few years, and I always recognize her by her avatar picture.  I won't show it to you here, you must visit her shop to see it. :0)

This is a very cool shop...Marna's Hissy Fits.  I even enjoy the name!  And you'll find the coolest items here too.  Marna's takes your photos and favorite sayings and creates wonderful affirming items, to remind you just how great life really these one word custom book marks.

That's it for today....we are welcoming so many new shops every really need to come and see them all for yourself.

And don't forget Casual Monday...tonight at 8pm EST.