Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Meet Our New Marketing Director - Katherine Kotaw

On last night's live show we got to meet the newest member of The CraftStar team...
Katherine Kotaw.

Katherine will be our new Marketing Director, and with her amazing background, she is sure to infuse us with new purpose and passion.

Katherine is a branding magician and a freelance writer, and you can learn even more about her on her website, Kotaw Content Marketing.
Check out her story about how she got started in this field.

Stay tuned for more success stories from Katherine, and you, our sellers.


Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The CraftStar Welcomes Marketing Director / Focus On Handmade & Crafting Supplies

Any new business, who is in it for the long-haul, has to be willing and able to change … to adapt to market forces as it grows, by listening to the customers.  The business has to be malleable, and at the same time, keep its eye on the over all goal and never stop striving for it.  The CraftStar was launched with unique and innovative goals for an e:commerce business, and we haven’t wavered from that.  In fact, it’s now time to move further towards them.

We are very excited to announce The CraftStar is making some major site changes, and welcoming an extremely dynamic and successful Marketing Director.

The first and most obvious change will be moving to focus on HANDMADE.  While CRAFTING SUPPLIES will remain an important part of our business, we acknowledge that VINTAGE hasn’t really found its place with us.  Again, by listening to our customers, we decided it better to spend our marketing time and budget on what we are known for … amazing HANDMADE items that aren’t competing in a sea of resellers.

We have seen through external product marriages we’ve already created, that there is also an outside market for unique, one of a kind, and limited run items.  We intend to further explore this area of placing our artists on other websites, catalogs, etc, in order to give them a continually broader customer base.

As a site that was built around “community”, we have learned a lot about what HANDMADE sellers want and need as far as promotion and publicity.  While we have a fabulous social media team whose responsibility is to promote our sellers and their items on a daily basis, we’re going after a niche that we find extremely exciting … literally making “stars” out of our sellers.  It’s no coincidence we named the site The CraftStar.

We have brought on board a hugely successful Marketing Director, to launch and embed us into this new area - Katherine Kotow.  Katherine has an amazing track record and background in making people stars … so she was the obvious perfect fit for this new position within The CraftStar.  She will also greatly increase traffic to the site via her press and PR contacts who we will be working closely with.

We’d love you to join us LIVE tomorrow (Tuesday) at 4pm PST / 7pm EST.  We will be introducing Katherine and talking about some of the exciting changes coming soon on The CraftStar.  Here’s the link to the live show:  Tuesday Night Live

Katherine Kotow: 

I am beyond excited to help give The CraftStar – and its sellers – the renown and acclaim they deserve. I am attracted to the strong sense of community and loyalty among The CraftStar sellers and its founder.  And especially to the WE WILL DO IT! spirit of all who have stayed with The CraftStar during its journey.  It's time for everyone involved to reap the rewards of their talent and determination -- and that's my main goal.  I want everyone to be thrilled and honored to call The CraftStar home.

My mission is to prove that it’s possible to keep the integrity of a site that focusses on handmade items while also making it exceptionally appealing to buyers and highly profitable for sellers.

The CraftStar’s goal is lofty – but immensely doable.  Bethan has the background and drive to realize her dream, and I possess the storytelling and branding expertise to turn her vision into reality.

I don’t promise this will be easy (great and lasting success seldom is) but, with everyone’s commitment, The CraftStar can become the go-to online retailer for exceptional one-of-a-kind goods and a star-making creative agency that will help notable artists realize their dreams of winning corporate contracts, national media exposure and serious income for their artistic endeavors.

I’m looking forward to getting to know The CraftStar community – the relationships that have been forged here are amazing – and celebrating stellar success with all of you. 

We will have more details to announce in the near future … when the stars align, anything is possible!

~ The CraftStar Team

Sunday, June 28, 2015

The CraftStar To Close Vintage / Focus on Handmade

As part of Project TCS, The CraftStar is closing the Vintage category.

Vintage never really found its place with us, and as Project TCS is aimed at making HANDMADE super stars, it makes sense to leave that genre to those sites who are successful with it.  This is step one of the many exciting changes we have coming up on The CraftStar!

The following was sent to VINTAGE sellers today:

As The CraftStar grows, we’ve been doing research into what people like best about the site, so we can continue to move in the right direction.

All small businesses need to be malleable to succeed, and we’re certainly no different.  Our aim is to be as successful as possible for our sellers.

Based on the above, we have decided to focus on HANDMADE.  We will be the only site that will be doing what we’ll be offering, and most importantly, we will be the only site where our handmade artists will not be competing with resellers.  We are and will remain, a reseller-free zone. 

We’ve recently hired a new Marketing Director which is very exciting!  We’re working on putting together the next phase of The CraftStar with all it will have to support our sellers.  We have some very exciting plans moving forward.  

We will be closing VINTAGE down in around 2 weeks (exact date to be announced).  Vintage didn’t find its place with us, so it makes sense to leave that genre to sites that are successful with it.  We will be keeping CRAFTING SUPPLIES as this is an integral part of the handmade process.  Details on other changes and additions to the site will be announced over the next few weeks.

Thank you for your support and please contact us if you have any questions.

~ The CraftStar Team

Saturday, June 27, 2015

It's a Small World...Baby Small

The CraftStar has a cute board on Pinterest, Items for Babies and Toddlers.  Let's check it out.

How adorable is this Pink Swirled Satin Flower Headband?
Made of satin with beaded accents, it is offered in a wide variety of colors.  And at only $8.99, you can afford to get one in every color.  
This is available in the shop

Now for the other end of the baby....
just look at these baby boots made from elkhide.
Warm and soft, these boots are made to order, and you can get them at 

And lastly...
every little princess needs a colorful fairy dress.
Heck, I need a colorful fairy dress. lol
This rainbow tutu dress is a size 4-6 and is available at Angel Petals.

Which is your favorite?


Monday, June 22, 2015

What's Trending Monday - week 11

Hello, and welcome to The CraftStar blog, a place where you can find all sorts of goodies to help you succeed in the world of handmade.  And on Mondays we check out the trends on social media and share them here, for you.  So let's get started...

Carter (US defense secretary - "no desire to for conflict with Russia")
Gucci (may be release from jail this summer)


Walter Scheib: Ex-White House Chef Who Went Missing During Hike in New Mexico Found Dead
#edc2015: Annual Electric Daisy Carnival Concludes in Las Vegas
South Chicago, Chicago: Man Dies After Shielding Mother From Shooting, Report Says
Apple: Company to Pay Artist Royalties During Trial Streaming Period After Taylor Swift Criticism
Chicago Symphony Orchestra: Musicians Play 'Chelsea Dagger' in Honor of Chicago Blackhawks
Allegany County, New York: New York State Police Investigating Possible Sighting of 2 Escaped Convicts
General Mills: Company to Remove Artificial Colors, Flavors From Cereals


#MCM (man candy monday)

And that's what's trending this week.  So have a good one, and we'll see you at tomorrow's live show!  Just click on the image and follow the yellow brick road (link). lol