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The CraftStar Community: Our Creative Dreams

The CraftStar Community:  Our Creative Dreams

Cora O’Quain’s search for funding via KickStarter

 Cora O’Quain – The Connectivity Line:

I am an artist.
I have had, and still have, many passions in my life. Animals, astronomy, poetry, people. Only one has remained a constant from as far back as I can remember. Only one has never left, faded, or faltered - the need to create. As a child, I used to dig deep into the soft Louisiana ground to find clay. From that clay I would find my first experience in sculpting and working with my hands. Later, my father would introduce me to leather working. Later still, I would begin to hone my drawing skills. Branching from that came painting, more sculpting, wax work, and many, many more. For most of my life, I've been searching. Searching for a medium and an outlet for the need to create something beautiful. Time and again, especially in times of stress and frustration, I would have the urge to use my hands, my body, to express what was toiling inside of me.
Recently, after finding my husband and transferring to Fort Bliss, I began life as a stay-at-home Mom. Always working outside the home before this, I had the itch to make my own way. So I began my artistic endeavors once more to try and make a small living. I began with resin, which led to mold making, which led to polymer clay, which has led to silver clay (a.k.a Art Clay or PMC).
All of my life I've had a spiritual connection to....well...everything. I've always felt it, even if I didn't understand it. I whole-heartedly believe that we humans are a miniscule part of a massive picture. A work of art and spirituality that we cannot even begin to imagine

This feeling is the root of my creative need. I've always had a fascination for stones. Crystals and gemstones that have healing or other spiritual properties. Herbs that cure ailments and aid health. Meditation that brings us closer to the connection of the world around us and the spiritual planes beyond. I have always had the desire to create art that would strengthen this connection, and enlighten the mind.

I now have an artistic medium (silver clay) that ends my search, creates an outlet, and allows me to tap into the connection of my spirit and the world around me. Around us. I want to spread this enlightenment. I want to bring something into the world that will allow others to tap into the connection. That will remind us that we are alive in more ways than just our body functioning. That will bind others in a way to let them never forget that they are not alone. My line of jewelry will be completely natural, using metals of the earth, and stones that will aid our mental capacities. Every single piece will be completely unique. None will be reproduced, and each will be the art and soul that I've carried within my self all of my life. An expression of what I feel this life can bring, and where it will lead when it ends.

I am not a famous jewelry designer. I am a person. I am a mother, a sister, a wife. I have a home, a family, I am normal, average. But I am also an artist. I am a person with a goal inside of her that aches to reach beyond the limits of the body. To embolden itself, to manifest as a tangible work of art that can reach, touch, and enlighten others. This is where your funding will go. It will help me acquire the necessary equipment, tools, and supplies to finally allow this desire to escape into the world. It will allow me to promote my art, so it can reach everyone who has the spiritual need to hold on to their connection. It will take time. No piece will be rushed. They will all have spirit, heart, soul. They will be special, unique, and with purpose. This is the Connectivity line.

Where funding will go:

A kiln
A rock tumbler
Molding / Stamping supplies
Work Area
Website Design

For Cora’s full story and more detail on her project – The Connectivity Line – please visit:

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