Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The CraftStar: The Teddy Bear Project

The Teddy Bear Project

Now this is what a community is all about and The CraftStar community has rocked it teddy bear style!

A couple of weeks ago, Luanne (Tupper’s Perch) posted a story on our Facebook page about her husband:

Tupper's Perch:  We were stationed overseas during the early part of the 1990's. The first Iraq war took my military husband and many friends away for long stretches of time. I made these bears for them to take along as a secret comfort from home. Hidden in a small pocket of many uniforms, nobody knew these dedicated military members had teddy bears along on their missions. My husband continued to carry his Tiny Teddy in a flight suit pocket until his retirement 12 years later.

Amber left a response:

I wish I could afford to buy my husbands whole platoon these! They are about to deploy:(

We contacted Amber, asked her how many men in the platoon … 37.

That seemed do-able, so we went back to Luanne who was delighted to pull this together, and was very generous with the cost.  She has just returned from vacation stitching together teddys!

Many in The CraftStar community jumped in and have sponsored up to 5 each and we will be sending Amber’s husband and his platoon off with 37 bears!

We would like to give HUGE appreciation to :

Tracey: Bottle Cap Shack

Pam: Big Doggy Bling 

Anne:  Anne's Knits

Sheila and Sarah:  Hip Earth Designs

Carol: Yankee Girl Watercolors and Photography

Terresa:  Southern Sisters

Jennifer:  SoulFire Artisan 

Kim: Queen of De Tile  

Darlene:  Dars Butterfly and Wings

And of course, Luanne!
Tupper’s Perch

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