Friday, August 31, 2012

The CraftStar Community Collection - Queen of De Tile

The CraftStar Shop:

Queen of De Tile was legally established in February 2012 after spending countless hours perfecting a craft I had been doing for my own enjoyment. 

Armed with tiles, cork, felt, a variety of glue, and craft store paper I started creating fun pops of color to save the furniture in my home. There were many failed attempts and a lot of learned lessons, but I finally achieved a product I deemed worthy of selling... and my friends and family thought so too!

I spent a night in January 2012 on Facebook with my girlfriends brainstorming a name for my coaster business. My girlfriend Amy came up with this one, and with that, Queen of De Tile was born! 

In June 2012 I decided that I wanted to stand out from other coaster makers online. I started reaching out to artists all over the internet and in no time had many artists interested in partnering with me. Instead of selling coasters with mass produced craft store paper on them, I now have over 10 licensing partners and sell coasters exclusively with their art on them!

These MADART Gallery coasters, called Winter Sparkle, are the most popular set of coasters sold by Queen of De Tile. I love them because they are so bright and whimsical. I personally own two MADART paintings and fell in love with Megan Duncanson's artwork back in 2007. I'm thrilled to have her work on my coasters now. 

Jacqueline Maldonado is the artist behind these "Proud" coasters. They are very popular within my fan base. I love the message it gets across and I am very proud to carry these for Jacqueline. 

I am obsessed with tribal prints so when I found artist Holly Sharpe I immediately begged to licensing her work. I love that the prints appear to be dripping. If you're a fan of chevron, zig-zags, and bright colors you'll love Holly Sharpe. I still drool when I look at these!

At Queen of De Tile you get a set of coasters for $25 and a single coaster for $7. Many customers like to mix and match or collect different prints from different artists. Sass up your glass today!

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