Friday, November 9, 2012

Promotion, Promotion, Promotion!!!

A great blog from Dawn Moore!

It is every artists dream to have their creations seen by millions. It is an artists dream to have our hard work and dedication recognized and in return have a steady income to support our businesses and our families. This dream is possible with hard work and dedication.

One of the hardest and most time consuming parts of owning an online business is something that most shop owners struggle with.... PROMOTION! Promotion is absolutely imperative for success on The CraftStar and as individual shop owners.

People often ask how and what they should promote. We tend to think that promotion of our own items is all we need to do, but it is also important to remember that you as an artist also must help spread the word about the venue you are selling on. A selling venue can only grow when it is exposed to new buyers from the sellers that create it.

The CraftStar is happily promoting you and your shop, but we do need help in making the word spread like wildfire! The more traffic each seller brings in, the more exposure you also get for your items and your shops. The CraftStar has provided sellers with a group page on Facebook where we often run promotional games and opportunities. If you are a seller on The CraftStar and have not yet had the pleasure of joining our private group page, please contact Dawn Moore at for instructions on how to be added to the group.

A few ways you can help to promote your own shop, fellow shop owners and The CraftStar itself:

- Join the sellers group on Facebook and participate in our Pinterest Ladder. Pinterest ladders can be a very great promotional tool. Each person participating in the ladder must re-pin all items submitted to the ladder. Your pin and everyone elses pin will then be seen by all followers of the people participating. With this comes the chance for further repins and even more exposure for you and The CraftStar. We will soon be offering a contest for all those who participate in the pinterest ladder.

- Join the sellers group to participate in our Wanelo trending words of the day. We do the research for you, and you send us your link.

- When browsing shops on The CraftStar, don't be afraid to hit that twitter button, pinterest button and facebook like button. The more you share others with your family and friends, the more exposure everyone gets in the long run.

- Become a fan of The CraftStar Holiday Gift Guide ( This page is dedicated to promoting The CraftStar shops in an equal and fair manner. Share the page with your family and friends. Share the pictures that you like. The more exposure the better!

- Join us in promoting in any way that you see fit. Some examples of promotional sites include: Wanelo, Tumblr, Pinterest, Facebook, Fancy It, We Heart It, Rebelmouse

- Let people know that you belong to such a wonderful online selling venue. Put links to your The CraftStar shop on Facebook. Put your shop link in your e-mail signature. Place your URL on your business cards. Tell people by word of mouth.

Together we can make The CraftStar THE site for handmade and supplies. 
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