Friday, November 2, 2012

The CraftStar Friday Update


Things are moving so quickly around here, my head is spinning! (in a very good way).

The tech team are pushing through fixes and updates constantly. I was just at a meeting with them with two pages of things needing to be done, for about 80% of them, their answer was "already fixed". I've asked them to update me daily on what HAS been fixed so I can let you know! I didn't even know these things were being fixed so quickly.

So … as you've seen Dawn is helping out while Kim is in lala land. (feel better soon!). I really want to get the #tcshgg going! I think it could be great for all our shops / items. The more that add it, the more exposure we get. Let's do it when tweeting, pinning, etc. 

Updates from the techs: the sub-category issue has been fixed, they now stick.

A couple shops who have long lists of sub-categories were being hidden behind the images - this is being fixed right now.

Currency has been fixed. You need to list in $$, but can see the proper amount in the other optional currencies.

The "image is too small" message is being taken down.

You will be able to list multiples of items (inventory) by early next week.

Again … make sure your shipping prices are in. If you don't want to ship internationally - don't check the box.

Please make sure you have a "shop description" - this is added in MY PROFILE. If there isn't a shop description, and someone clicks on the link - it will take them to the home page.

It's very clear that items are more likely to be sold when they're seen on FB. While I don't want to flood our main page with item after item, this is what the PROMO page is for. Try to spread that around as much as possible. Dawn will keep that rolling with lots of great items and you all pitch in too! 

We will start charging listing (and re-listing) fees on Monday. So, we have the weekend to list as many items as you want for free.

The messaging system is weirdly coded in that it doesn't insist the messenger inputs their email address in … this is being fixed. 

I'll be back at the end of the day when there's more to report from the fix list. 

We're getting there! ♥
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