Monday, December 24, 2012

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Entry from Love Those Scraps

I am a crafter from WAY back. I've done much in the needle arts (crochet, knitting, embroidery, tatting, needlepoint, etc.) I have also had some experience with many other types of crafts. I love the versatility my passion gives me. When I get bored with one type of creating, I can switch over to another.

I became obsessed with beaded jewelry at one time. I actually had a crafting book publisheby Plaid Enterprises for making jewelry with seed beads. Another memory from this particular obsession was the 4 panels I created, wove on a loom, that were 6" wide by about 4 to 6 feet long, that were sewn onto an authentic Apache jacket and pants.I got into scrapbooking about 20 years ago, and have created 20 plus family books. 

Once I got bored of that, I became obsessed with computers, and delved into Digital Scrapbooking, where I designed kits and sold them online through various stores.Now, I am working with paper... I LOVE paper... I get such a thrill out of looking through a new paper pad, touching it, imagining what to do with it. I look through my paper pads much like one would look through a magazine.Now... I enjoy immensely, turning my paper products and accessories into wonderful themed Mini Albums. Each one is unique, and really fills my creative needs :)

One craft that I would like to learn more about is quilting. I can sew, but I think there is much more to learn for quilting. How to manipulate the sewing machine so that it follows the path I want, what fabrics to use for which type of projects, and which batting and thread work best, and to make decorative patterns on quilts, pot holders, table cloths, and so much more.

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