Sunday, March 3, 2013

New Features on The CraftStar!

New Features on The CraftStar!

New Feature: The CraftStar Forums

We have added some fabulous new features on The CraftStar!  We are happy to announce the introduction of Forums.  Launched on Friday, they have already shown to be a great success!  Jump in, join the community ... you'll find great support, updates from The CraftStar and the ability to share your thoughts and suggestions. 

Introducing The CraftStar Collections

The CraftStar Collections are a curated collection of your favorite items.  Not only are they fun to put together, but the way we've designed them, they give great exposure both to you and other CraftStar shops.  We highlight ALL Collections on the front page, with an hourly update.  And YOU get credit for creating them!  We've also placed very easy to share social media icons in each Collection, so if you love something, SHARE it!  You are also able to comment on Collections ... always a great thing to do in supporting The CraftStar artists.

How To Guides

In our How To Guides section (at the bottom of the main CraftStar page), you will find step by step instructions on how to open a shop, how to list items, and a guide we've recently added called: Titles, Text, and Tags" Recommendations For Success.  This is a MUST READ!  Lots of great tips on how to get the most of your listings.

All the best and look forward to seeing you at The CraftStar!
— Bethan
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