Monday, April 1, 2013

Featured Artist: Helen Kilsby Art

Last week The CraftStar caught up with Helen Kilsby of  Helen Kilsby Art. Helen, originally from England, now resides in British Columbia, Canada with her husband Michael and children John, Ryan, and Tim. The busy household is rounded out with two pet dogs, Odie and Cass, and the only other woman in the house, Pepper, the cat. Helen creates work that reflects the shifting and ephemeral aspects of the natural world. Working in mixed-media painting and printmaking, she builds  multilateral, tactile, abstract paintings.

A lovely art teacher in high school was the reason Helen got into art. This teacher made it so that art class was the only class she was not bored in. Helen loved the feeling of the art room. It felt like home. She can remember the smells of the classroom like it was yesterday. 

It's been 20 years since Helen was first introduced to her love for art. After all this time her passion for art is kept alive by always searching for the perfect image and if she gets stuck she can always get inspired by another medium, nature, or other artists. Inspiration is always around us!

Over the years Helen Kilsby Art has been awarded the medal for Fine Arts and Presidents Purchase Award in 2003 at OUCO. She has also been published in Carte Blanche V.2 Painting The Magenta Foundation, and in a juried publication in Toronto, Ontario in 2008. It's easy to see why. Her artwork is stunning! We're fascinated by every single piece available in her store front. 
Before we let Helen go we had to know what items on The CraftStar inspire her or give her hope. Very easily she picked the following items from Julie Ellyn Designs, Altered Hippie Art, and Whimsy Pillow Too

You can find Helen Kilsby Art on the following forms of social media. Go check them out and follow them! Pinterest: and Facebook

We'd also like to thank Helen for allowing The CraftStar to give our readers 20% for the entire month of April. Use code: 20Spring at checkout in her shop, Helen Kilsby Art!

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