Monday, April 29, 2013

Featured Artist: Lindsey Scott Artwork and Jewelry Designs

We were pretty excited when Lindsey Scott Artwork and Jewelry Designs replied saying she would love to be featured as this weeks Featured Artist. Her paintings are so steamy that you can't help but blush when you take a glimpse of some of the pieces.

Lindsey Scott currently resides in San Diego, California with her boyfriend, Nick, and their dog, Pogo. Lindsey started crafting while she was in High School, but didn't start making it a career until just about a year ago. After her move out to California she realized that she needed to follow her dreams to paint and make jewelry because it was the only thing that made Lindsey exceptionally happy every day. While she is still in school and will be finishing up in about a year and a half with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications with a concentration in technology, she hope this will help in pursuing her dreams of owning and running her own studio or store.

Lindsey is originally from a small town in Illinois, and while she was visiting her family over the holidays she went to and met a massage therapist who owns her own therapy studio. While getting the massage the therapist discovered that Lindsey was an artist and offered to display and sell one of her paintings and a couple of her prints. Her studio is called Karma Skin and Massage Studio and is located in Yorkville, IL. Lindsey has also been asked to feature her jewelry in a clothing, jewelry, cookie, and wine party. At the party she sold almost all of her jewelry inventory.

One of Lindsey's biggest accomplishments has been just recently when she sold one of her original oil paintings to someone who lives in Italy! Selling one of your paintings to someone who lives in the same country as you is one thing, selling a painting to someone who lives outside the country you live in is such an amazing feeling!

Every week I ask our Featured Artist what the favorite item from their shop is, Lindsey decided it would have to be her “In Bed” print of her original oil painting. This painting was made based off of a photograph of a marble sculpture. The sculpture is marble white so the lighting created the shadows, and instead of doing a black and white painting she created it in color. She love the movement, the flesh-tones, and the imagination it creates. This was the painting that was sold to someone in Italy, so this painting will always hold a special place in her heart.

We like to know what our Featured Artist's have their eye on over on The CraftStar website. This was almost a no brainer for Lindsey. She very easily picked this Splash photograph from Yankee Girl Art, the aquamarine earrings from Sparkling Twi, and the Black Beauty from Odd Ball Art Co. 

You can find Lindsey Scott Artwork and Jewelry Designs on social media at the following locations: Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: Wanelo: Head over to these pages and let Lindsey know you found her through her Featured Artist story!

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