Tuesday, April 9, 2013

For Immediate Release

The CraftStar, referred to as the “heir apparent” for handmade goods has developed a strong community thus far of both buyers and sellers. Since the website’s official launch, The CraftStar has specifically aimed to cater for the needs of the crafting and handmade community through offering them the chance to sell their goods online.
Unlike many other online retail stores selling handmade goods, the community behind The CraftStar feel that quality far outweighs quantity. Funnily enough, quality is often something which the higher retail chains often lack. Because The CraftStar allows sellers to sell their own goods through the site, quality is almost always ensured as sellers find themselves competing against one another for the chance to please buyers.
The founder of The CraftStar, Bethan Davies, a life-long crafter and producer. After falling ill, Davies took to Etsy to begin selling handmade goods. Watching the community die slowly was a tough sight for Davies, as the profits earned through producing outstanding handmade items effectively helped to fund the short-term future. With a passion and a vision, The CraftStar was formed.
The key difference between The CraftStar and other sites offering similar services for buyers and sellers is that The CraftStar is dedicated to ensuring that all of their customers are kept happy through outstanding customer service. In fact, great customer service lies at the heart of The CraftStar. The CraftStar also ensures that sellers must only sell handmade goods – thus keeping the buying community happy with their purchases.
Whilst still in BETA, there are dozens of new items added each and everyday on The CraftStar, and the most unique and best-received items can be found on the The CraftStar homepage.
To learn more about The CraftStar, or to have a dabble at some of the finest handmade items in the market, head over to The CraftStar’s official website found at: http://The CraftStar.com
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