Friday, May 17, 2013

Introducing The CraftStar Shop: JenJohnson42

White and pastel daisy chain necklace - 17-3/4" long


I simply love creating quality, hand-beadwoven jewelry pieces for everyone to wear. The sparkle of crystals, the joy of turning tiny seed beads into beautiful creations...cannot be compared to any other craft I've worked with.

Blue and silver hand beadwoven leaves bracelet - 6-1/2"


Pink Scallop Hand-Beadwoven Necklace - 15-1/2" long


Pink Daisy Chain Beadwoven Bracelet - 7-1/2"


Striking Black and Red Necklace - Hand Beadwoven


Swarovski crystal-embellished bracelet -- 7-1/2"


Celtic Plait seed beed necklace - pinks and grey


Elegant brown and pearl "Jenny's Lace" beadwoven bracelet - 7-3/4"



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