Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Introducing The CraftStar Shop: CoquetteBath


Handmade spa quality bath, body and home fragrance. Lip Balm, Lotions, Soaps, Perfumes and much more. All crafted to delight the eye, dazzle the nose and make you smile.

Rose Petals Lotion Bar

Rose Petals: a classic blend of tea rose blooms...wonderfully 'rosy' and one of my top sellers in every category.
2oz twist up tube. Amazing concentrated moisture. Convenient for purse or travel.

Gardenia Soap, Shea butter formula, Simple Indulgence

Classic 'white' floral. Very true to life. If you love gardenia flowers, this is a sure winner.

Jasmine Roll On Perfume


The sweetest of the springtime flowers, Jasmine is just lovely! If you already know this great floral fragrance, then you already know how amazing it it. And it is. Really. A top seller for years.

Raindrops Body Bliss

Raindrops is fresh and clean and soft. A really lovely fragrance that has been a top seller, for me, for nearly 8 years. Light and yet refreshing. Perfect unisex fragrance, too!

Chai Tea Kiss™ Lip Balm

Chai Tea. Warm and creamy, chai tea (for those who've never drank it) a tea plus cream & spice blend. Really nice. This flavor isn't as strong as some, because tea is, after all, rather mellow. But if you love tea, this is a good choice. Also check out my Jasmine Tea flavor!

Lilac Soap, Shea butter, Simple Indulgence


Lilac. Like summertime in a soap. Really lovely double color pour of purple & white creates a uniquely designed soap. No 2 bars ever alike!

Lemongrass Swirly Curly Soap


Lemongrass. To my nose, this is a perfect 'spa' scent. Light herbal but softer than many herbal blends or scents. Soap is colored in a light green with tumbles of white and yellow within.



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