Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Introducing The CraftStar Shop: Edna Catherine


60's Love Earrings / Large Woodstock Neutral Color Earrings / Long Love Earrings / Gold Flower Earrings


Woodstock style 1960's Love earrings. They start with a 9.2mm/.36 inch gold tone stud that sits on the ear followed by a 13.4mm/.53 inch flower with a gold filigree setting on a 34mm/1.34 inch hoop. From the hoop hangs 3 gold finished beaded and chained clay heart shaped Love charms. The largest Love heart is 17.5mm/.69 inches across. These are really beautiful.

Hot Air Balloon Antiqued Bronze Brooch / Signed Brooch / Solid Bronze Hot Air Balloon Pin


This is a classic straight back pin into a rolled closing clasp.The balloon part is 28.7mm/1.13 inches across and has intricate filigree type work, and two rows of beaded work with hearts in between. The basket hangs from two movable S link chains that are 15.2mm/.60 inches long that fully swing and move giving this brooch charm. The basket is 18.2mm/.71 inches wide and 11.7mm/.46 inches long. It has a cascade of 7 stars falling out down to the bottom. This piece is quite substantial and isn't hollow, it weighs 15 grams/.50 oz. More than a brooch, you can use this on hats, coats, sweaters, purses, bags, anywhere the pin will fit. 

14k Gold Ring / 2 and 1/2 Carat Aquamarine Diamond Ring / Ray Canada Signed Original / Engagement Ring


The original sales receipt from April 24, 1975 accompanies this breathtaking piece of art. This is an original piece of art and only one was produced. The artist was Ray Canada of St. Louis MO and this ring bears his hallmark. A 2 1/2 carat emerald cut pale ice blue aquamarine surrounded by 3, 1/4 ct tw diamonds in a fantastic 14k solid yellow gold, free form setting. The aquamarine is pale ice blue with no obvious inclusions, bubbles or cracks. There are no chips along the cut, as this stone is set only by the prongs. The prongs are solid and the stone does not move in the setting. This setting sits a full 10.2mm/.40 inches off the finger. The diamonds are solid in their prongs. The free form design is quite amazing and imaginative. A true one of a kind piece and would make a stunning engagement ring.

Rhinestone Pearl Necklace / Peal Caged in Rhinestones / Silver Necklace Rhinestones and Pearl / Rhinestone Pearl Silver Necklace


A pearl in a 3 sided rhinestone cage hangs from a 16 inch long silver tone circle to circle chain with a beautiful vintage clasp. Bright, clear rhinestones consisting of 3 inflexible strands hold the faux pearl from the chain. It measures 17.2mm/.67 inches long and 13mm/.51 inches wide at the widest point.

Sterling Charm Bracelet 12k White GF Locket / Sterling Silver Charm / Locket Charm Bracelet / Sterling Silver Locket Charm / Silver Charm


 The charm bracelet is marked 'sterling' on the closing clasp end of the bracelet. 20 oval interlocking links with each link measuring 12.1mm/.47 inches long and 8mm//31 inches wide. The locket is fantastic. Etched 12k white gold filled, marked A.C. 1/20 12k, the front is etched with 3 flowers and a leaf motif on a brushed background. It opens to a double sided locket. The interior is in pristine condition

Flowered Brooch Necklace Set / Green Bead Necklace / Pastel Flower and Rhinestone Brooch / Bright Summer Brooch / Dark Green Necklace


There are 2 separate pieces here. One is a double strand 34 inch huntergreen beaded necklace. The two strands are hooked together and are 17 inches at connection and there is no clasp. These are the types of beads that aren't meant to lay perfect and flat. They are supposed to be a little scattered and haphazard as a look. The second piece is a beautiful pastel flower brooch with rhinestone centers. These two just go together so well, I decided to put them together in one sale.

Haskell Signed Earrings / Miriam Haskell Signed Milk Glass Earrings / Miriam Haskell Milk Glass Flower Earrings / Miriam Haskell Earrings


To die for Miriam Haskell signed milk glass flower earrings. Each earring has a center glass bead held with prongs on the detailed flower consisting of five carved petals. The flowers are framed all the way around with 11 center matching milk glass beads, all individually pronged. These earrings measure 24.5mm/ 1 inch in diameter including the framing glass beads. The center flower measures 17.5mm/.69 inches across. Each outer milk bead measures 4.1mm.16 inches and the center of the flower bead measures 2.7mm/.10 inches. These are in amazing condition.

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