Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Hooray For Hollywood!

As you know, The CraftStar works very hard at promoting your items and shops in unique and innovative ways.

This Sunday, 100 A-List celebrities will be opening their swag bags at The Teen Choice Awards to find The CraftStar branding inside.  This is our first venture with the amazing Lisa Gal who runs a company called Hollywood Swag Bag

We have gifted celebrities in the past, in one on one situations, with your items.  We like this approach as we know (I’m there with them!) the celebrity sees all the items and we get photos.  We will continue to do this as the right people come along with the right opportunities.

We’re also going to be forming a closer relationship with Lisa and her companies.  Hollywood Swag Bag is a company devoted to the charitable aspect of giving – and we LOVE that!  For every celebrity that receives a Hollywood Gift Bag, they gift a person in need. 

They also work with celebrities in a more personal environment, which is why I thought the opportunity to get The CraftStar branding in The Teen Choice Awards was a great one.  Their bags go directly to the celebs … not just on a table where they’re hoping someone will pass by and show interest!  Lisa and her company also market their participants to various media outlets.  Most gifting includes paid press releases, media spotlight (radio, print or television), and many times celebrity photos.

Lisa also has an amazing company called Hollywood Baskets.  We met last week when I dropped off The CraftStar promotional items, and got chatting.  We realized that there are A LOT of opportunities for us to work with Lisa in supplying her fabulous items for her baskets … as well as future award show swag bags.

I really like the approach Lisa is taking, and the fact that she’s absolutely lovely is a real plus!  We’re meeting again tomorrow to talk more about how our companies can tie in together … and she’s going to be our guest in our LIVE broadcast tomorrow (Thursday) at 7:30pm EDT / 4:30pm PDT.  I thought this would be a great opportunity for YOU to get to know Lisa and for us to talk about the partnerships The CraftStar and Hollywood Baskets and Hollywood Swag Bag can do together!
Please join us for our LIVE broadcast on site tomorrow … and in the meantime, to learn more about Lisa, please visit:

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