Monday, August 5, 2013

Supplies, Supplies, Oh My Supplies!

Looking To Start a New Craft?  Have a Project in Mind and You Need New Supplies?  Look No Further!  The CraftStar has FABULOUS Crafting Supplies of All Kinds!

Gold tone chain Sold by the foot

This listing is for one foot of gold tone plated steel 2.8 mm chain. I have at least 250 feet of this chain, so feel free to buy as much or as little as you need. 

Flower Appliques - Blue Shades Crochet Flower Embellishment

Crochet flower appliques for all types of creative projects. Use them for purses, bags, scarves, hats, brooches and anywhere else you want to add a little color. Also looks great on scrapbooking projects, journal covers, etc. Double layer flowers are done two shades of blue cotton sparkle yarn and have a yellow center with sage green leaves. The flowers measure approximately 3” across and leaves are approximately 2” long. This listing is for 3 flowers and 3 sets of leaves.

Brass Butterfly casting, honey cyan patina

Brass butterfly casting in honey cyan patina. A casting differs from a stamping since the metal is poured in a mold rather than machine stamped. 55mm. Sold by the piece. Perfect for butterfly brooches or Steampunk necklaces! Listing is for one. MADE IN THE USA.

Ribbon Yarn, Lucci Cinderella Soft, Silky Nylon Variegated Purple, Beige

Cinderella by Lucci Yarn is a 100% bulky weight nylon ribbon that's exclusive to Lucci Yarns. The color is variegated throughout, and is constructed in such a way that the center of the ribbon is more sheer than the edges, which are deeper in color.  Cinderella is perfect for scarves, lightweight bags and other accessories, and even tops. It can be paired with other yarns for a variety of effects, or used on its own.

Southwestern Feather Charms 4 Pieces Silver and Turquoise

Southwestern Feather Charms 4 Pieces Silver and Turquoise Size: 27 mm by 5 mm ( apporximately 1" by 1/4") Quantity: 4 Pieces This is a listing for 4 pretty feather charms. The feathers are silver tone with turquoise colored enamel in the middle. They measure 1" long by 1/4" wide. 

Pink Petal Fat Quarter


Whimsical Owls 1" Round Images

This is for 140 1" round images.  The theme is really cute whimsical owls.  There are a few images in the bunch that are of real owls.   There are over 80 different images.  Great for bottlecap jewelry, pendants, key chains, magnets, scrapbooking, cards and anything else you can get creative with.

Handmade Pizza Slice Buttons-Wooden Hand-cut, Hand-painted, OOAK Craft, Sewing, Crochet embellishments

This listing is for 3 hand-cut, hand-painted buttons made to look like realistic pizza slices. They are pre-drilled with 2 holes each and measure 2.5" x 2". You get cheese, pepperoni and supreme pizza that will look great with any creative sewing project!

Black Tatted Lace Inserts

This listing is for a set of two black tatted lace rounds that would be great as lace inserts or appliqu├ęs. Dress up that tank top for summer with some unique handmade lace!

Lt Siam Swarovski Elements Rhinestones 12ss 2058 flat back 36 pieces

Swarovski Elements Rhinestones 2058 Light Siam 12ss flat back 36 pieces.  This 2058 rhinestones (28 cut/14 facet) is size 12ss (3.1 mm or approximately 1/16 - 2/16 of an inch) It is Light Siam and sparkles a bright red. Use an adhesive such as Gem-Tac or E6000.  Use rhinestones to adorn dance and skating wear, formal dresses, shoes, pocketbooks, cell phone cases.

Amazonite faceted beads 4mm. Qty. 15

This listing is for 15 4mm faceted amazonite beads. Gorgeous pastel blue.  Amazonite is told to reduce self-damaging behavior, as well as, increase straight posture. It is said to be a stone of self-respect, confidence, grace, self-assuredness. It soothes the brain and nervous system, helping to filter information and combine it with natural intuition to enhance understanding, and to improve one's ability to cooperate with others. Good for anyone involved in the arts as it is said to enhance creativity and the ability to express oneself.

Starburst Pendant, Handmade Jewelry, Hand Painted Glass Pendant, Fused Glass Pendant

“Salvo” is a hand painted starburst design on a light purple oval glass pendant.  The glass pendant was then kiln fired to make the paint permanent.  The paint colors used to create the design included green, turquoise and white.  The size of glass pendant is approximately 3/4" x 1 3/8" (1.9 x 3.5 cm) without bail. The sterling silver-plated large bail (8 mm opening) will fit most Omega Chains.

Vintage Black Lace Set Pieces Supplies

Vintage Set of Black Laces Pieces, for embelishing clothing, costumes, crafts or mixed media art. These pieces are straight out of the 1920's or 30's. They were in a collection of things my grandmother had kept.  Each one has been lovingly stored away from the elements for many years. Now they are ready for a new life as additions to your wardrobe, or art projects.

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