Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Introducing The CraftStar Shop: Toad's Lily Pond Jewelry

Hello! All jewelry in my shop is handcrafted by us at TLPJ. I believe in quality over quantity, and moreover, I strive to achieve it in every way! Custom orders are welcome, and if you see something you want made a bit differently, feel free to let me know! Thanks so much and have a wonderful day!

Long star earrings, shooting star earrings, star jewelry, dangle star earrings, silver star earrings, handmade star earrings

Measuring around 4 and 1/4 inches long, these dangled star earrings are long, fashionable, lightweight and stunning. Silver toned rhodium plated (nickel free) earring hooks drop three sets of silver plated star charms and chain. Absolutely Stunning! Great for the upcoming holidays! Handmade by Chandreyee of Toad's Lily Pond Jewelry

Handmade blue dragonfly necklace earring jewelry set

This blue dragonfly necklace and earring set is dainty and fashionable and yours for the taking. 22 inches of pure handmade excitement. Silver plated chain and pendant, this jewelry is combined with three shades of tiered Swarovski crystal that speaks the perfect gentle statement.

Bronze vintage hibiscus flower dangle earrings

With a slight hint of vintage mixed with a touch of new age, these beautiful earrings dangle elegantly from your ears. Measuring approximately 1 1/4 inches long, the bronze gives a vintage look gives the wearer a feel of old vintage style rejuvenated with a modern vibe and demands a sense of regal attention. Beautifully dress up your floral print attire or accent solid colors with these unique findings. Beautiful stand alone jewelry or complement your matching necklace.

Cascading silver bib statement necklace, diamond shaped statement necklace, cluster necklace, fashion costume jewelry

Fascinating and mesmerizing, this handcrafted necklace shimmers with unique eloquence and declares itself a step out from it's kind. Silver plated chain dangles in between each strand of shimmery diamond shaped cut outs giving it a unique bohemian kind of feel. This looks beautiful with busy style tops or solid colors.

wire wrapped purple swarovski crystal hoop earrings, purple hoop earrings, basketball earrings, purple earrings, purple jewelry

Purple shades of Swarovski crystal wrapped beautifully around silver plated hoop earrings. Finished with a slightly larger purple crystal to give a little character to an already unique design. Hoop diameter: Approx 1.25" Total width of earring: 1.5" Length of earring: Approx 2" Genuine Swarovski crystal Silver plated.

handmade purple butterfly necklace purple butterfly jewelry

This gorgeous butterfly necklace is 22 inches long and has two shades of purple Swarovski crystals linked into the chain. Closure is a silver plated toggle. Beneath the toggle at the collar bone level there is a set of three crystals. About an inch above the pendant is a second set of Swarovski crystals. The butterfly pendant is purple enamel and Swarovksi crystal on silver plated metal. It is about two inches wide (wing tip to wing tip) and an inch and a half tall.The silver plated chain is connected to the head of the butterfly and beneath the butterfly are two chains that are accented with a third set of Swarovski crystals

aqua Guitar dangle earrings, blue guitar pic earrings, guitar pick earrings

At about 2 and 1/2 inches long, these rockstar earrings are lightweight and inspiring. On the inside of the notes, a swarovski crystal sits to add just a tiny bit of extra glitz to the design. Designed to show off your love for music, these earrings hope to inspire to music lover in us all. Swarovski crystal suspends the guitar pic and music note below the earring wire, to give it that added umph.

Victorian Choker style dainty and glamorous crystal chain necklace

Stunning green choker necklace with crystal bicone beads that lace the lower part of the necklace and chain dangling from each crystal. In addition, one crystal is hung from the center portion of the necklace. Finally, the necklace has chain that drapes and connects in betwixt the frontal portion, giving it one extra minor dramatic effect to create the splash that is as you see and like the majority of my closures, this is locked together with a toggle clasp.


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