Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Introducing Mafia's Memory Store on The CraftStar

This shop is set up in memory of our "Mafia", a very special and very missed little feline. All proceeds from the sale of the items of Mafia's Memory Store goes to help fund and supplement our 501c3 nonprofit feline rescue and sanctuary, est 1992 We are C.L.A.W.S., Cat Lovers Alliance for Welfare & Sterilization, Inc. We are in the hills of TN.  We maintain a large indoor/outdoor cattery for the kitties and at the present also have 10 large dogs.  We are no kill.  We have no paid staff and rarely have a volunteer.  If someone does not get adopted, they have a home for life.  We seem to wind up with a lot of special needs and unadoptable felines or displaced malcontent ferals.  And that's ok, they need to be loved too.  And each one is a treasure.

Cat Angel Necklace

The Vintage Heart

Interchangeable Necklace Set

Owl Earrings

Steampunk Dragon Necklace

Victorian Royalty Kitty Button Bracelet

The Time Writer

Dramatic Glass Titanic Necklace

Airship Pirate Wings Brooch

Flame Point Teacup Kitty Pocket Mirror

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