Monday, February 10, 2014

The CraftStar Featured Artist: Pinx & Lulas

My name is Natalie Pike and I live in Ohio.

Years ago I worked in an environment where there was a strict dress code.  As a young professional just getting into the industry I was not able to afford matching jewelry for my work attire.  My solution?  I learned how to make jewelry which also gave me the flexibility to match my style and wardrobe.  It also allowed my creative side to start having a life of its own.   

I have been making jewelry ever since and now that I have experienced that need, I want to solve that for people who are looking for quality jewelry at an affordable price that they can still enjoy the benefit of customizing.   

The  hopes are to continue in the path of Pinx & Lulas being a place where everyone feels welcome and can find something they will enjoy themselves or as a gift to others.  We want to carry a variety of not just completed pieces but supplies and other types of crafts.  Pinx & Lulas is not just about products.  We are about educating and empowering.  It is about reminding every person that they have a sparkle to share with the world.  Working together and paying it forward as a community we really can move mountains.

Marketing is extremely important.  The two most effective ways have been building relationships through Social Media such as Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.   Equally working with other sellers on various platforms has been a wonderful way to build friendships and network.  I have a series of tutorials on You Tube that continue to bring interest as well.

My favorite design in my shop is the wire wrapped rings.  I really enjoy making them.  I love the simplicity of the look and how customizable they are.  I am learning some new techniques that I foresee being just as much a favorite.

What Are Some Major Accomplishments You've Achieved?

I am excited to be featured in a gift shop in California named Eleven B.

I also did a tutorial series with a large company, one of which and was featured in their annual top DIY list.

I am extremely excited to be part of the Live shows on The CraftStar, (woot!)

The CraftStar LIVE SALES Featuring Pinx & Lulas

What Tools Do You Use Most?

Ring Mandrel, Wire cutters, Flat nose pliers and round nose pliers

Have You Ever Had a Crafting Disaster?

Absolutely . The first ring I ever made looked more like a UWB (unidentified wire blob) topped off with a dent in the middle.  I can’t even explain the dent lol.  I spent a great deal of time refining my technique and learning  and tuning into my wrapping style.  I truly treasure this experience though as it was a reminder of passionate perseverance pays off.   Don’t give up . 

Social Networking is key. We have a daily routine for each of our sites.  Below are our social media pages:

You Tube:

+PinxLulas and +PinxandLulas

What Are Your Favorite Shops on The CraftStar?

I have so many favorite shops on The CraftStar I don’t know how to tone it down to just two.

I love the lighted signs from On the Rocks on The CraftStar.  I love how unique they are and can completely transform a wall.

I love the afghans and the warmth and sense of home they represent.  One of my favorite shops is The Needle House and all her fabulous afghans.   I have such fond memories of snuggling up in a sunshine yellow and white afghan that my mother made for me when I was little.

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