Monday, March 17, 2014

The CraftStar Featured Artist: Outta The Wood Pile

My name is Jackie Hettinger.  I live in Ohio (wish Colorado, or Montana!) with my husband of 28 years, Jeff.    We have two grown children:  Ashley and Zach, and a 7 year old grandson Brock.  

Living with me now is Meeko, an 11 year old Pom mix and my beautiful White German Shepherd Millie whom we rescued almost 2 years ago. She will be three in May.

Mountain Votive Holder

I actually got started in the craft business in the 90's after my grandpa died. I  stayed with my grandma who lived a few hours away a lot that summer, then school started and I had to be here with my kids and needed to keep my mind busy from the loss of grandpa and not being able to be with grandma all the time.  I started crafting like crazy and I ended up in three malls at one time!   Then life happened. Kids were involved in a lot so I gave up that world.  

The Waterfall

I just started back into it about a year ago first with wood, then in June 2013 I bought my first ever wood burner.  Love at first burn!

Flower Key Chain

In November 2013 I started working with my polymer clay.  I sculpted polymer dolls in late 90s and lost the touch until this past November.  So two loves, Wood Burning also known as Pyrography. And Polymer Clay.

This is my work area ... and by the way,  I work in a town where their Pumpkin Show in October is bigger than Christmas, that is why I am working on a pumpkin wine stopper!

 I have high hopes for my CraftStar store and Outta The Wood Pile.  I recently got accepted into the Hocking Hills Artisan and Craftsman Association so I truly see Outta The Wood Pile being around for a while. 

Outta My Mind Magnet

My most important tools are my burner and burn pens (nibs) a pencil and wood.  I hand sketch just about everything I burn so those three simple things keep me busy.  Or my Noodle machine and clay.  Super simple.

I haven't had any major crafting disasters but here and there I may burn an area by accident so I then turn it into a tree or whatever the scene is that I am working on!

Deer Wine Stopper

I am trying to catch the hang of social networking.  When I worked in the office I was on top of all technology and even built a computer!   When the office job ended I went back to being a hair dresser after being out of that for 17 years and that job has kept me from being a computer junkie. I am now trying to catch up. Thank you for The CraftStar Social Media Boot Camp!  It was very helpful and I am now on Twitter, Instagram, G+, Pinterest and just downloaded Tumblr today.  I usually go by Jackie Hettinger for all of them or Outta The Wood Pile.

Marketing is very important, it's a big world out there on the internet and I think the best thing you can do is keep your products and name out there.

Probably my favorite design is either my Western Buffalo, or my Wolf votive holder.  I even surprised myself that I could burn like that.

Western Decor Buffalo


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