Monday, May 19, 2014

The CraftStar Featured Artist: Yankee Burrow

Handmade items often become family heirlooms. So give a legacy today. I also believe that our history is an important part of our lives today, and you can find lots of history in my vintage section. *This is a Christian owned company, and I give glory to God alone for all my blessings.

My name is Debbi Huntington, hubby is Chuck, and we still have 2  kids living at home, Brandon and Hannah.  Plus our dog Pee Wee, cat Patches, Victor the parakeet, and my cockatiel Sweets.  We live in the country in North Carolina.  Stony Point to be exact.  And it has a blinking light at the only intersection in "town". haha

As you can tell by the pics, I don't like to have my picture taken, so I'm usually making a face.  which happens to show the real me. :0)

Note Cards: Set of 6 Original Pencil Drawings 

 Ballerina Dancers

I've been surrounded by artists, and crafters, all my life.  My mom was an accomplished artist (I utilize her sketches in my Rusty Art section).  My sister and I did some craft shows when our kids were little, and I plan to start with craft shows again this summer.  So I can't remember a time when I was NOT creating something.  

Long Red and Gold Tone Chain Necklace

I started selling on line when my daughter Amanda was living in Kansas, and the shop was something we did together.  That was probably about 4 years ago.  Then she moved home, got a job, and the shop slowly became just mine.  We started on Etsy, but I was not happy with the cattiness and favoritism there, but I had heard about The CraftStar on a forum there.  I came here the very first time Bethan launched this site, but I didn't really get involved.  When I finally left Etsy for good, I tried a few other sites, but The Craft Star was just stuck in my head.  So I googled, and found, and joined again.  And I LOVE IT HERE!  This is the only site where I have a shop presence.

Sage Green and Country Red 

Eco Friendly Crochet Dish Cloths

I am inspired by absolutely EVERYTHING.  I love Pinterest, and Facebook, and nature, and other artists.  But mostly I am inspired by my Heavenly Father, and I try to honor Him in everything I do and create.

Wood Cross with Butterflies / Textured Burgundy Color

In 5 years, I hope my business is more self-supporting, but I'm not worried about becoming "big". 

Sometimes we reach for the stars, and in so doing, we forget to enjoy the journey to the stars.  I love creating, and I want others to love what I create, but I don't want to be so overwhelmed and pressured by the "business" that I stop loving what I do.

Pewter Dinner Plate with Steed Marking

I have not entered any contests or juried shows or anything like that.  I have received a few of those blog "awards", just for fun.  In a sense I'm afraid to enter a juried show because I would be devastated if something I labored over wasn't recognized. lol

Bright Orange, Yellow and Pink Loom Woven Belt

The 3 tools I need sketchbook, my camera, and my laptop.  That's where my creations all begin.  Oh, and a bag of good chocolate.

Shell Earrings with Long Silver Chains

Craft disaster? Seriously?  I've had too many to count, but they've all been fun to fix, or change completely.  I do have a seed bead bracelet in my shop that was a nightmare.  I kept dropping the beads, or squeezing the pliers too tight and the bead would shoot across the room.  Or I would get to one end and they would all fall off the other end.  There is a reason why there is only ONE seed bead item in my shop.  I was tripping and slipping on the spilled beads for months. 

Pastel Seed Beads on Memory Wire Bracelet

I love to try most everything, but I'm not real good at heights, so hot balloons are out of the question.  I can do most every craft out there, but I'm most comfortable with painting, drawing, and crochet.

Original Art Flower Kitten Cat Greeting Card

The orange and pewter heart necklace, and the lion baby slippers are a tie for my favorite in my shop.

I love everything in the shop YankeeGirlArt, her artwork makes me feel good.

 Fine Art Print of Yellow Sunflower- Reproduction of Watercolor Painting

My other favorite is The Alchemists Vessel.  I've known Alix for a while now, and I have one of her pieces, I get compliments on it every time I wear it.  Chainmaille is a craft I would love to learn, but the thought of all those jump rings scare me. lol

Paramour Chainmaille Bracelet

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Social networking is a necessary evil, I guess.  Not because it's bad, but because I can get sucked in and then lost for hours, hahaha.  You can find me here...

I don't know exactly what has been most effective for me, but the one I enjoy the most is my blog.

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