Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The CraftStar Welcomes....

We would love to welcome some more new shops to the wonderful community of The CraftStar.

First up is Royal MajesTees.  Sara is a self-confessed girlie girl who loves fashion, coffee, reading, loom knitting, designing t-shirts and paper crafting. She also has a wonderful husband, 2 dogs and a cat.  And she created this I love California hoodie.

I picked this Besties Big Head digital print because of the orange hat, and she is just adorable! You'll find a whole family of these cuties at Sherri Baldy My-Besties.

If you love horses, you'll love Lucky Pony. An avid horse lover herself, April takes authentic horse shoes, and creates wonderful decor for your home, like this Christmas Inspired Shoe.

Meet Joyce, the creator of Joyful Seeds Bracelets.  While helping her church make bracelets for local nurses, she discovered the fun of making paper beads, and from that she started her shop, and her flair resulted in this green and turquoise lovely bracelet.

Tina makes handmade and unique necklaces with Pardo clay, which you'll find on Gaia's Magic.   Check out this jasper goddess.

As an avid crocheter, and color lover, I had to share these polymer clay hook handles from Craft Coalition.  Lauren is an avid crafter, in fact, she claims the title "craftaholic".  We need to get together and have some CA meetings. lol

And for more color, hop over to Tropic Accents!  Mimi is a global artist, selling her home decor all over the world.  I love this metal butterfly light switch.

Michelle's shop is Crochet50.  She creates beautiful items that will surely become family heirlooms, like this christening gown.  My sister has pictures of every one of her kids in the same outfit...and you can use this one to start your own tradition.

Lola Blue Design is a shop full of premade logo designs for your business.  Mandy is a professional graphic designer and illustrator, with a degree in visual communications and marketing and with 14 years of experience, she can help you succeed in your business.  How pretty is this watercolor rose logo?

And my pick of the day?  This totally awesome knit belly dancer named Sheba by Jan of JoLArts Crafts.  My niece is a belly dancer, and I love watching her dance (the few times I got to see her dance).  Jan is from Australia...the lovely land down under, and the only place I would leave my home to go visit. lol

Well, that's it for today.  I would like to thank Kristen from Quirky Bits-n-Pieces for creating the photo collages for this post.  I love her!!!

If you missed last night's Casual Monday, you can catch it below, and don't forget to visit these shops and welcome them to The CraftStar family!

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