Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Where Is The I In Team?

We've all heard that saying....and then I saw something like this on Facebook.  (Actually it said more, but I declined to share that image.)
the sentiment is true.

No one....

and I mean....no one....

can exist without their life impacting someone else.
For good, or bad.
To encourage, or discourage.
To succeed, or fail.

And that is true of us here in the creative small business community.
My success depends on you, and your success depends on me.
That's what a community is, and The CraftStar is just that...

a community.

So let's all pull together.  Don't just list and leave, but stick around.

Visit the forums and get to know each other, and help each other.

Share items from other shops, 
our quick buttons on each item makes that super easy.

Read, comment, and share the blog posts.

Comment and share the promotional posts we create

And don't forget to add your The CraftStar link to your social media sites.

Help us to help you, and your neighbor.

Thanks for listening,
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