Friday, December 19, 2014


If you missed last nights show, then the title of this post won't make any sense.
But if you did catch last nights show, you should at least be giggling.
Now if you want to be "in" on the joke, here's last nights show.
We started out with some business discussions, promoting your shops and items, Boxing Day, and more.
Then we showed off some crafty stuff.  
Bethan took some doilies from Chameleon
added some rhinestones from Rhinestones Etc.
and totally blinged out a jean jacket.  It looks so good!!!
There is so much you can make with doilies and rhinestones, and we are even having a giveaway of some doilies and bag of stones.
Then came the wing wing wing trick.
No I won't tell you the joke here, you need to watch it.
So silly you can't help but laugh!

We have a few new shops her at The CraftStar that I would like to share with you.  We are growing every day!

Look at this!  Midnight Lace Chain and Swarovski Elements Filigree Pendent with matching earrings from Eclectic Chic Jewelry Designs.

You can never have enough supplies, and beads are my downfall.  I have a wall of beads in my art studio, just hanging there so I can look at them and be inspired.  And there is a new supply shop on site called Royal Gems and Supplies and that's where you can get these amazing blue stripe turkey turquoise strand of beads.

I can't remember the last time I saw tatting...outside of living history program.  Now there is a whole shop of tatting...
Look at this red pentagon necklace.
Such delicate work.

I bet you would be the only one at the Independence Day celebration with this totally cool Red, White, and Blue glass bottle pendent from Jinxxed Chaos.

Rhonda...this one is for you.
(Watch out Myrna).

That's is for today, now it's your turn.  Visit the new shops, and watch the show so you'll understand the inside silly jokes.

Have a wonderful week celebrating and relaxing and visiting with family.

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