Monday, March 16, 2015

Trends For The Week

During last weeks show, we talked about trending subjects and using those hashtags to help promote our shops.  So let's see what's trending today....

On Facebook, they're talking about ...
Elton John and other singers boycotting Dolce & Gabbana
Valerie Jarrett, the white house aide that leaked Hillary Clinton.s email details
Tehran and Sen. Ted Cotton
Brandon and Leah, a music couple expecting their first baby
Vladamir Putin back from his 11 day absence
Chris Martin and Kate Hudson together (?)
Jon Voight criticizing President Obama and supporting Israel
Mike Porcaro dies at 59
City dyes Chicago River green for St. Patty's day.

On Twitter we have...
SXSW  (South by SouthWest music site)
Kendrick (Kendrick Lamar)
X Factor (the singing competitions show, not the show with Skully, lol)
Natalia Kills (from the X Factor show)
xtrafactornz (for the X Factor show)
Vanuatu (cyclone Pam destruction)
to pimp a butterfly (album by Kendrick Lamar)
stuss (a group on the X Factor)
spring (the season.  finally, a hashtag we can use!)

Well, that's it for today....
Don't forget the show tomorrow night, we'll be chatting and discussing how to succeed at craft shows.

see you there!
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