Monday, April 20, 2015

What's Trending Monday - Week #3

What's new in the news.....

#ACMawards50 (American Country Music awards)
Tim Tebow (football player)
#Handwrittengifting (a song on iTunes)
#SAMAXXI (South African Music Awards)
Denny Hamlin (NASCAR diver)
Joe Johnson (basketball player)
Cavs (Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team)
Rogue One (Star Wars film)

Mediterranean shipwreck
Bobby Brown (Whitney Houston's daughter)
Beanie Baby (the rarest one in the world)
Norway (plans to shut down all FM radio stations)
Washington Animal Clinic (vet shoots cat with bow and arrow)
Cabarrus County North Carolina (obituary requests that people NOT vote for Hillary Clinton)
The County Music Awards

#Fantastic Four
#Eagles (football team)
#GoSpursGo (basketball team)
#Hawks (hockey team)

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