Thursday, May 21, 2015

A Gourd By Any Other Name...

I love going to arts and craft shows...the talent and creations are amazing, and when I run across an artist that works in a medium I never thought of, well, I just have to share.

This past weekend I attended (and particiapted) in a local fair, Faith Community Fest, and while walking around I came across this booth.

 That mask caught my eye.  I have to admit, that at first I said, ewww, this is so not my style of decor, and kept walking.  But I was pulled back to that booth, and decided to take a closer look...

With my second look, my response turned into "how cool".  The detail and color just pulled me in.  Once I was able to look away, I started to check out the rest of the items.

This bear vase would be perfect for Chuck's study, and I loved it, and the one next to it, and the one next to that, and so on, and so forth. I spent a lot of time in that booth. lol  Then the artist's friend turned me towards this dragon.  WOW.  Look at that detail!  The background is where she carved away the outer skin of the gourd so the dragon and leaves all stand out, and it goes all the way around the gourd.  The detail carving on the dragon is so minute and perfect.

The artist is Dionne and she has her work showcased in high end stores all over western NC, and I can understand's a few more...

This is Dionne, and I had a wonderful visit with her.  She is not only a talented artist, but a lovely and gracious woman.  So was her friend, and supporter, but she refused to stand still in front of my camera. lol

Of course, I had to tell her that The CraftStar is THE place for artists like her, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she will join our crafting family.

Have a great Memorial Weekend everyone.

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