Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Pinterest on our Tuesday Night Live The CraftStar Show

Last night we had a great live show, and learned a lot about using Pinterest to increase our business.
We started with this great article from Wishpond..
Now, while this article is a few years old....the tips are still effective and useful.

Tip #1 : Make your boards visible to search engines
Tip #2: Create a Pinterest business account
Tip #3: Make your business name optimized
Tip #4: Include key words in your About Me section
Tip #5: Verify your website
Tip#6: Name your boards with keywords
Tip #7: Use keywords in your board descriptions
Tip #8: Keep your most popular boards "above the fold"
Tip #9: Use keywords in pin descriptions
Tip #10: Use hashtags
Tip #11: Link back to your site
Tip #12: Use keywords in your image "alt" tags
Tip #13: Include prices
Tip #14: Include pin-it button on your website pages
Tip #15: Use Pinterest analytics

There are also links to other informative posts pertaining to Pinterest at the bottom of the post.  If you learn something new, or already know something helpful, please share with us in a comment.

And of course, we had to end the night on a lighter note...
the men of our dreams. hahahaha


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