Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The CraftStar Artist Feature - Elisa Mohrmann from Grandma's Little Luxuries

Today we're going to visit a shop full of aprons, sleep masks, and soap.  Everything a woman needs...

Grandma's Little Luxuries
Clara Apron - medium

What is the story behind your shop name?

When I first began making soap a few years ago, my mom commented that she remembered her own mother making soap. When I decided to start selling my soaps, aprons, and sleep masks I thought about my grandmothers and women of their generation who wore aprons as a part of their daily outfit. They worked hard on homesteads helping their fathers, brothers, and husbands on the farm. They later raised many children, some during the depression.
I decided to name my shop “Grandma's Little Luxuries” in honor of these women who made basic soap with homemade lye and tallow from animals they had helped raise and butcher. No fancy scents or colors went into these soaps. Women who made do with aprons and clothing made from flour sacks and older clothing made over. Women who rose early, worked hard, and went to bed so tired that they never needed a sleep mask.

Sweet Citrus Soap

Where, when, how did you learn your craft?

I first learned to sew in 4-H taught by neighbor women I'd known all my life. I went on to learn more on my own via books (back in the old days LOL), TV shows, and now YouTube videos.
I came late to soapmaking. I had wanted to learn for many years but was intimidated by what I'd read about the process. Then our neighbors opened a small shop here about 5 years ago. They originally sold supplies for DIY coffee roasting, soap making, cheese making and canning and offered classes in these crafts. I took their intro to coffee roasting and soap making 101 classes and got hooked on both. :-) They have switched their focus to strictly coffee roasting and brewing, but I'm so grateful to them for the opportunity to learn soapmaking.

What has been your biggest obstacle, or challenge, to finding and 
achieving success?

I think my biggest obstacle has been me. I have doubted myself, my abilities. I've doubted that people would actually pay money for what I make. I finally decided to just jump in and do it. It's been hard and I am still trying to build up enough business to turn a profit, but I'm determined to keep going.

Tell us a little about your family life...married, kids, pets, etc.

I've been married for 29 years to my wonderful husband, Dan. We have 6 beautiful daughters and 1 awesome son-in-law.

I homeschooled all of our girls with the youngest now in her last year.

You can also find Elisa on Facebook,
and here is a quote she shared with me in her email...

Aim for success, not perfection. Never give up your right to be wrong, because then you will loose the ability to learn new things and move forward with your life. -Dr. David M. Burns

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