Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Tuesday Night Live Recap - Google+ collections

We had another great show last night...and here's all the great shops and business stuff we talked about...

Rhonda gave us a great talk through tutorial of the new Google+ app

we can now make collections of our favorite posts!  I'll post Rhonda's in depth step by step instructions on Friday, but until then, watch the show. :0)

Next up, and most important, IT'S TIME TO VOTE!
The CraftStar is competing for an amazing grant from Chase help improve our site, which in turns, improves your shops.  So click on the link and vote...and then share, share, share.

How about this wonderful interview Bethan did on this great blog...
My favorite quote from this interview is Bethan's response to the question, "How are you currently growing your business?"
"Persistence, passion, persistence, passion!!"

Then we toured some outstanding The CraftStar shops...

Bethan's shop choice was Starfall, a new shop on site.  And full of adorable, and affordable, crocheted items for the whole family.  I love this group of Babushka Dolls.  My mom wore a babushka, and she wasn't even Polish. (except by marriage). lol  So here's to you Mom.

Rhonda's shop choice was Calliopes Attic.  If you need crafting and jewelry must visit Claudia's's all American Made supplies in custom finishes and patinas.
This dogwood flower is in a Mexican chocolate patina.
Claudia is a master of "patinaing" and has several colors that are exclusively hers.  So than anything you create with her supplies would truly be unique.
Claudia also has a second shop, Anarchist Couture, featuring some of her finished pieces.

My shop pick is Linda's shop, Warmth.
How adorable are these mice????
Linda has mice for almost every occasion and career.  One of my favorites is this American Flag Mouse, just in time for Independence Day.
I remember while growing up that my Mom had a few felt mice, I don't know who make them or where she got them, she just always had them, and I loved them.  Now I can visit Linda's shop and think of Mom.  Oh, and Linda...we need a yoga mouse and a Kim Kardashian "selfie" mouse. *hint hint

And last but not least, we talked about a new Facebook community, just for The CraftStar shops,
The CraftStar Creative.  Join us there and share your new, and old, creations, plus tips and encouragement.

That's all for sure to mark your calendar for next Tuesday!
And don't forget to VOTE!!!
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