Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Ok ... maybe NCIS doesn't fit into that stream of letters, but it sure is fun to watch Mark Harmon work out a Navy crime each week!

TCS = The CraftStar
HSN = The Home Shopping Network
QVC = ummm ... good point, I don't know that one.  Stay tuned, we'll look it up.

My background as a producer makes me watch and listen to things differently.  I'm always "producing" - whether it's from the couch watching TV, or in the car listening to the radio.   I'm thinking "that's fancy" and try to work out how they did it with so many cameras, or "really, why isn't that fancy?" - trying to work out how they didn't do that with so many cameras!   With a ton of credits behind me, I'm always thinking about the next production.

One thing 3 sets of those letters do, is sell to people (usually) shopping from home.  QVC and HSN obviously stand out  ... with millions of people seeing a moving picture of an item they like and buying then and there.

If they can do that, why can't small businesses on TCS?  They can!!!  We have the production skills to do it.

The great thing about LIVE SALES with creative small businesses on The CraftStar is the ability to tell stories and show off something beyond a still image on a website.  AND ... the sellers ALL offer a fabulous discount for purchases the night of the show!

Thursday, August 27th is our next LIVE SALES.  4pm PDT / 7pm EDT

Click here for the event:  (it will also put a reminder in your calendar if you want)

The CraftStar LIVE SALES are a great way to get to know The CraftStar community, listen to some wonderful stories, have a giggle or two, and start stocking up for the holidays with great discounts!

See you there!


PS.  QVC = Quality, Value, Convenience

The featured artists for tomorrow's LIVE SALES are:

Claudia Bruno's Shops:

Anarchist Couture :

Calliopes Attic :

Sam Squailia:
RusticCraft :

Monika Fisher: 
Myeuropeantouch :

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