Saturday, August 18, 2012

21 Things You Didn't Know About The CraftStar's Teemu

21 Things You Didn't Know About 

The CraftStar's Techie Teemu

1. He grew up in Finland

2.  He lived in London for 10 years

3.  He speaks 3 languages (Finnish, Swedish, English)

4.  He's been called "The Finnish Steve Jobs"

5.  He LOVES manicures and being pampered

6.  He used to edit video in the "adult industry"

7.  His favorite car is a bright red Mercedes

8.  He took a perfume class last year  (he's a crafter!)

9.  He's a DJ

10. He's single 

11. He has a pet duck

12.  He plays the drums and keyboard (and guitar)

13.  He "thinks" he has sexy lights in his bedroom

14.  He remixes very successful pop songs

15.  He wears A LOT of pink

16.  He is very, very, very naughty

17.  He has an "interesting" sense of humor

18.  He was going to be an airline pilot ... instead he took a job at MTV

19.  He won't eat anything green

20.  He has a hand-softening regime.  Which he is VERY serious about.  Seriously.  

21.  He introduces himself as "Mr. T"


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