Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The CraftStar Community Collection: The Feltery

The Feltery

My name is Manda Ciza and I started The Feltery is March of 2011 after all the complements I received on my Christmas presents I had hand sewn for family and friends the previous year pushed me to try the online selling world out. Starting off my design was a little rocky and I couldn’t sew as well as I do today, but as the weeks and months past my sewing became smoother and my design slowly progressed into what it is today! And with progression also came the introduction of custom animals. I cannot express what joys it is to be able to create a custom animal weather it be of the person ordering it, one of their pets, a character they cherish, or anything! It truly makes me happy to read the messages I get back from those customers how they love their stuff so much. And  not to mention The Feltery has given me many opportunities as well as meeting a ton of wonderful people in the crafting world.

Listing #1 Barnibus: http://thecraftstar.com/miniatures-and-dolls/plush/barnibus-plus-cat-made-to-order.html

Barnibus is certainly in my top 5 of favorite kitties and definitely one of my top sellers. I just love his top hat, mustache, and monocle!

Listing #2 Charmi: http://thecraftstar.com/miniatures-and-dolls/plush/charmi-cat-made-to-order.html

Charmi is my favorite girl kitty. I came up with the idea for her because well… I love strawberries A LOT and wanted to try out a different theme within my work and create some few kitties.

Listing #3 Bowie: http://thecraftstar.com/miniatures-and-dolls/plush/bowie-cat-made-to-order.html

Bowie is the first cat I ever attempted to sew, and I thought Bowie was fitting at the time because I REALLY love David Bowie. As you can tell by his little lightening bolt on his eye. In this version of him I used earthy tones, but I also have a hot pink version with red & blue for his lightening bolt.

My Collection: http://thecraftstar.com/collection/some-craftstar-lovin.html

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