Monday, September 10, 2012

The CraftStar - PHASE 2

The CraftStar - PHASE 2

We are delighted to announce Phase 2 of The CraftStar, which means a fabulous new website with lots of great features.  We will be crossing over tonight – September 10.

The site we first launched with was nothing like the “dream site for handmade” I had envisioned.  It was a challenge, a struggle, and instead of trying to fix the imperfect, we designed and built a whole new site.

We listened to your suggestions and concerns, and have addressed most in this new phase.

The site is much smoother to use as both a seller and a buyer.  The listing process is simpler, the navigation easier, and we’ve added some great UNIQUE features.

I think the one that stands out most for me, is the ability to operate any number of shops from a single log in.  Your account will enable you to jump from one of your shops to another with a click of the mouse.  No more logging out and back in! 

Your current shop info has been transferred over to the new site, so don’t worry about having to relist!

We will follow this launch with a very impressive press and marketing campaign, and are gearing up for a full schedule of LIVE sales for the HANDMADE HOLIDAYS.  If you haven’t seen any of our live broadcasts yet, you can find them on site (under videos) and on our You Tube channel.  We are currently broadcasting live three times a week … which will escalate as we approach the major buying season.  This is another unique feature of The CraftStar which we are thrilled with – our own online handmade HSN / QVC style broadcasting!  The response to this thus far has been incredible. 

As with any change, there will be questions.  We have a team to help you with whatever you need and will do our best (as always) to take care of you as soon as possible.  You will find key contacts at the bottom of this page.

Thank you to everyone who has been so encouraging and patient!  We have built an amazing community of crafters who are caring, supportive of each other and as determined as we are to make The CraftStar a huge success.  We appreciate you so much. 

If you haven’t stopped by for awhile, after we hit GO tonight will be a good time to do so and see how much we’ve moved on.  I hope you will find it as welcoming and exciting as we do.

Regarding fees: we are currently charging listing fees.  As you know, these have been in effect since we went live for sales on July 4th.  We will be kicking in Membership Fees ... this will start now for new shops registering on The CraftStar and in the next week for existing active shops (we’ll let you know beforehand when the system will be doing this) (the sales commission will remain at 2.5% for PayPal payments.  You can see full breakdown of fees – including Direct Checkout – in our Terms and Conditions )

As with all technology, the world moves fast.  Phase 2 of The CraftStar isn’t the final version by any means.  We will continue to add new and innovative tools and if you have suggestions, we’d love to hear them.

The next couple of months will bring another big announcement from The CraftStar team … one that I’m very excited about and will be an amazing opportunity for all of us.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out … we’re always here.

Thank you

Bethan Davies

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