Friday, May 31, 2013

101 Reasons You Should Buy Handmade

The CraftStar actively is promoting the idea of buying handmade and selling handmade. The more we promote it to our friends and family the more people will realize just how important it is to buy local and support small business.

I've asked the artists on our site, the sellers of our handmade products, as well as the buyers of our handmade products to help us put together the 101 Reasons You Should Buy Handmade and this is what I heard!

1. Most is always made locally. - Hilde Wezz
2. You support stay at home mom and dads.
3. No sweat shops or illegal working conditions.
4. Each item has a story.
5. The chances of seeing someone with the exact same item is slim to none.
6. It's art with a heart!
7. Re-purposed, green, recycled, means saving money and the environment.
8. No GMO.
9. Creativity is good for mental health.
10. It's a unique meaningful gift.
11. Most likely won't fall apart after one use. - Gerda Collins
12. The items are one of a kind! - Kym Ali
13. You meet the loveliest people this way! - Naomi Taylor
14. It's a more unique product than what you would find in a chain store. - Savanna LeCheminant
15. It's made with love and care. - Susan Boyte
16. You support small local businesses. - Serena Vigliotti
17. Every piece is unique. - Laura Reynolds
18. The item can be customized with love. - Melanie Fletcher
19. When you buy handmade, you're not just supporting a business, you're supporting a person. - Nick Green
20. There is true love and attention to detail in every piece. - Lovely Little Knits
21. The items are better quality and not mass produced by a machine. - Heather Shank
22. It supports a real person/family, instead of some multi-million dollar corporation that is sending all their production to China. - Heather Shank
23. It's one of a kind! - Roxana Rosario
24. It can not be exactly replicated like machines. - Sinead Devlin
25. The items are made from the hearth. - Serena Vigliotti
26. It's a great way to avoid crowded malls! - Melanie Fletcher
27. You can be the first of your friends to start a trend by finding something everyone must have. - Melanie Fletcher
28. It's the best way to support small businesses in your own community rather than fighting lines at a big box store where items are mass produced under God knows what conditions on the other side of the planet. - Tanya Sacilowski-Ryan
29. Handmade items have a back story. - Karen Swartz Harris
30. A truly handmade product will be the unique creations of a skilled crafts person/artist who has designed and made it. It will be a thing to cherish and to bring pleasure - Hazel Ewart-Mills
31. The quality, the service, the product, is usually exactly what I want instead of what some big box store wants me to have. - Liz French
32. To buy handmade means to buy something totally original and made with love. - Shannon Wilson
33. Our customer service has a real person on the other side, not an automated call system. - Lori Hensler
34. You make an artist's heart smile. - Lori Hensler
35. It boosts the local economy. The money that was used for that purchase will be turned around and spent where that talented artist lives providing more local jobs. - Jodi Mott
36. You don't need a degree in chemistry to know what is in handmade soaps. - Heather Shank
37. Handmade makes a great gift! You know they don't already have one! - Lori Hensler
38. No two are exactly alike. - Marion O'Brien
39. I'm helping feed a family when I buy handmade. - Heather Shank
40. There won't be a million other people wearing what you are wearing. - Heather Shank
41. When you buy handmade, you not only support an artist, you support a family instead of a corporation. - Rhonda Green
42. Handmade is uniqueness, personal service, getting a story behind a product. - Connie
43. You help an artist fulfill their dreams of being self employed.
44. Buying handmade means you aren't just a buyer. You are a fan and a collector of someone's art.
45. Participating in the handmade movement means rewarding someone's creative process.
46. For the personal, more thoughtful shopping experience.
47. You are showing a friend that hand makes that you support them and her work or passion. - Bethan Davies
48. You time and dedication has gone into the making of the item. - Anne Sherwood
49. There's a lot of sincerity in handmade. People simply don't make handmade items to make money. More than likely they create to be creative.
50. You know exactly where and who made the item when you buy handmade.
51. I buy handmade I feel good about myself. I know I'm supporting someone's life and that my money goes directly to them. It's so personal.
52. You help boost the economy!
53. When you purchase handmade you are purchasing from people that actually enjoy what they do.
54. I buy handmade because I'm supporting someone's talent in something that I can't do myself.
55. A handmade gift purchase is so much more meaningful than a mass produced big box store purchased one.
56. Handmade items are super fashion forward. Handmade starts trends. Stay on top of trends by browsing your favorite handmade sites or arts festivals.
57. You can be the first out of your friends to find a cool new designer when you buy handmade.
58. When you buy handmade you are basically giving an artist a nod that their creativity was cool or spot on. It drives them to push harder and process more of their thoughts.
59. You are supporting someone's dream or lifestyle.
60. If you buy handmade you are being more environmentally friendly. Most handmade items aren't made in wasteful production areas.
61. You can make a unique connection with an artist when you buy handmade. Not only do you get a good new item but you can make a new friend.
62. Handmade items can be easily personalized or customized. All you have to do is just ask. Can't find it in the color you want. I bet if you ask you can! - Heather Shank
63. We buy handmade for our subscription boxes to expose everyday people to the amazing world of independent artisans. - Tiffany @ Pretty Box
64. You help feed a family not a corporation. - Beth Jankowski
65. It will most likely hold up longer than something manufactured by a machine. - Kuntry Attic
66. You know you're getting quality merchandise. - Jennifer Womeldorf-Johnson
67. You can communicate with the designer to get exactly what you want. - Jennifer Womeldorf-Johnson
68. You know exactly where it's coming from. You can buy from your own country or a special location that might mean something to you. - Amber Barnes
69. Buying handmade means you are feeding someone's pets or putting someone's kids through piano lessons or football. - Amber Barnes
70. Uniqueness. No two items will ever be exactly alike. - Beth Jankowski
71. Buy items handmade with love, not the almighty dollar sign. - Beth Jankowski
72. You don't have to go to five different locations to find your size or buy more than one. - Heather Shank
73. You can have the item made to exactly fit you! - Heather Shank
74. Often the work is more detailed than machine work. - Heather Shank
75. If there's ever a problem with a handmade item the artisan is usually willing to remedy the issue by either fixing it or attending to the quality. - Brenna Hopkins
76. I buy handmade bath bombs because they are huge and know that quality ingredients went into them. - Brenna Hopkins
77. I like to buy handmade because there's nothing like owning something that is one of a kind.
78. When I buy I handmade I know there's a soul behind it.
79. Handmade means buying something unique.
80. My ultimate favorite reason to buy handmade is that it's handmade! It makes me feel so good!
81. Buying handmade makes me feel like part of a huge movement, the handmade movement.
82. The best part of buying handmade is that you get to meet the people that made the items. It's way more personal!
83. People want to buy beautiful things. You want to feel good about your beautiful things. That is why I tend to buy handmade.
84. I like to buy handmade online because I have time to browse, price check, read feedback, contact the seller and plot my amazing purchase.
85. It's a beneficial relationship! You make yourself happy and you make the artist happy!
86. I tend to feel a sense of camaraderie and part of a community when I jump on the handmade bandwagon.
87. I rest easier at night knowing that I'm supporting someone's well being.
88. It's mindful spending!
89. When I buy handmade I'm rejecting the mass market of mediocrity!
90. My favorite part of purchasing handmade online is the special handwritten notes, beautiful packaging, and thoughtfulness put into presentation.
91. Buying handmade is helpful to all communities!
92. I like to support talented people that are super passionate about what they do. Why else buy handmade?
93. I buy handmade to pay it forward.
94. There's a personal process when buying handmade. It fulfills me.
95. Simple. It's fun!
96. The handmade community, my friends, and my fellow sellers support me so why not support them back!
97. Buying handmade is like buying organic produce. It can be more expensive but it's better for you!
98. You are helping to promote fair trade when you buy handmade!
99. You put your hard earned cash directly into the hands of people that make a difference.
100. Buy handmade simply knowing that when the seller gets a notification that they made a sale they literally do a jig and jump for glee. It's a very exciting moment for the seller. You gave them a huge nod of approval with your purchase. Thank you!
101. Because The CraftStar community likes making new friends!

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