Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Introducing The CraftStar Shop: Serendipity World

An oasis of magnetic rhythms to empower ! Inspirational Quotes, Crystals, Bath & Body, Soy Candles, Tart Melts, Keychains, Pendulums, Color & Energy Jewelry, Ornaments and more. Inspirational, & spiritual accessories with purpose for Reiki, Yoga, Chakra Balancing and Spirituality. Your best life is waiting ... the rest is up to you. My business is Earth friendly and Health Conscious. Everything you find here, is also used in my home. I do not propagate sales by misrepresenting myself, beliefs or products. If I won't use them, I won't expect you too. I am the owner, tester, artist and developer of this shop and I hope you love it as much as I do.

Meditation Soy Tart Yoga Melt Infused With Relaxing Blend of Herbs Flowers and Buds

Meditation, Relaxation Blend Soy Votive Tarts. Infused with vanilla premium fragrance oils, real dried flowers, buds and herbs to aid in relaxation for chakra balancing, meditation and visualization techniques for the law of attraction. Complete set of 2.

Soy Tart Melt Inspirational Stones with Motivational Words, Great For Bowl Fillers, Home Decor, Beach Weddings

Set of 10 motivational stone soy tarts and/or yoga melts for use in meditation, the law of attraction and home decor. One of a kind and simply amazing ! Would make gorgeous gifts and are perfect for visualization with the law of attraction.  They are highly scented soy wax tarts and will omit scent by just leaving on a nice dish. 10 Random Words Will Include ( no duplicates ) : Believe, Success, Inspire, Joy, Imagine, Love, Laugh, Live, Harmony, Hope, Dream, Peace, Friends, Faith, Family

Dream Blend Detox Bath Bomb Natural Bath Body Beauty Bath Great Chakra Reiki Yoga Bath

Dream, all natural bath bomb, large. Signature blends of Amber Rose, Rosemary, Sage and Lavender. Each bath bomb is filled with essential oils & minerals that penetrates deep into your skin to soften while leaving your skin glowing , revealing a revitalized you ! Infused with Mineral Salts and Sea Salts for a pure and rich detox !

OM Adjustable Ring Orange Chakra Yoga AUM Reiki Art Jewelry

Handmade OM Adjustable Ring. Create your wishes/intentions and hold them close. OM or AUM - The source of all manifest existence and the most important and significant word of the Mantra tradition. OM is considered to be the root mantra of all mantras. OM is the chanted sound among all sacred sounds on earth. OM is considered the sound of existence.

Sage Soy Tart Cup Melts Fresh Herbs Great for LOA, Meditation, Yoga Melts, Metaphysical, Rituals ( Set of 4 )

Rosemary Sage Soy Tarts( Wax Melts ) with real sage herb too. Use in Meditation and The Law of Attraction.  Herbs simmer in heated wax creating magical aroma blends and allows your wax melt experience to last longer. These are amazing in ritual/spell work as well.

Foot Soak or Bath Tea Aromatherapy Lavender Dead Sea Salt with Orange Peel

Handmade Bath Tea, Bath Soaks or Foot Soaks, 5 pack. These are made to order to guarantee the freshest product possible. The blend of sea salt, lavender and orange peel leaves skin and/or feet soft and silky while soothing the skin. Ground finely to give you more product and better steeping.

Attraction Blend Soy Candle Tart Melts, Yoga Reiki Meditation Tart Cups For Metaphysical and New Age

Attraction Blend Soy Tart Melts. A blend of signature scents like Rose, Sage, Lemongrass and Frankincense. Each tart wax melt comes in a 2 ounce ( cup style may vary ) reusable cup with lid.



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