Monday, November 25, 2013

Are YOU Ready? The CraftStar Big 4 Weekend!

Are YOU ready for the Big 4 Weekend?  

The CraftStar is going for Black Friday through Cyber Monday with a BANG and we'd love you to be part of it!

Click on this image for a video tease:

All hands are on deck to produce and promote our Black Friday DOOR BUSTER coupon codes, Small Business Saturday promotions, Cyber Monday discounts and SPECIAL LIVE broadcasts throughout.  For a complete run down, please visit our blog post:

If you haven't sent in your details for the Big 4 Weekend yet ... please send to Rhonda ASAP so you can be included in the promos and PR!

Our PR team has sent out the first release with the details above ... and will send updates throughout the weekend teasing the specials, shops and coupon codes.  Along with our LIVE SALES, we're expecting a rocking weekend - already we're seeing great coverage for it - focussing on supporting The CraftStar small businesses for holiday gifting.

In case you haven't been watching our LIVE shows ... you'll be delighted to know they've increased traffic and sales on The CraftStar by 30% since we began them 6 weeks ago.  We're on to something SUPER special ... and will be maximizing their impact with these additional holiday broadcasts.  You can catch up with any of our previous LIVE broadcasts here:

As you're getting ready to celebrate a great weekend, please make sure your CraftStar shop is looking great (with a banner if you don't already have one!) and have your sales details (coupon codes, etc) in your shop announcements.

Everyone will be benefiting from all the promotion going into this Big 4, and it would be great if you would also promote The CraftStar supporting small businesses on your social media pages.  As a fabulous community, we can really make an impact.  (you can share this teaser video everywhere! )

We're looking forward to a WONDERFUL weekend and wishing you and yours all the best.

Bethan and The CraftStar Team

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