Monday, January 27, 2014

The CraftStar Featured Artist: Snowman Collector

My name is Sheila Brent. I live in Northern Alberta, Canada with my husband and houseful of pets. I have 2 grown children and one graduating from high school this year.

I create handcrafted decor for your home. I make wreaths, centerpieces, ornaments, etc, most of which are Christmas/holiday related. I also make twined rag and locker hook rugs. But what I love making the most are snowmen as you can easily see when you look around my shop!

You Make My Heart Spring Valentine

But what I love making the most are snowmen as you can easily see when you look around my shop!

Snowman Wall Hanging

I began quilting when my children were small and somehow it gradually changed into crafting. I had done small local craft shows for a few years before I decided to take the plunge into the world wide web. About 5 years ago I opened a shop on Etsy and when The CraftStar opened their doors, I was one of the first to jump on board.

Rustic Weathered Wood Star with Pink Pip Berries

I do have a full time day job as well as my small business. Some days it is a real struggle. I can't stress the importance of time management enough!  Lucky for me, crafting is my way to de-stress after a long day at the office.

I think the hardest thing about starting out was just putting myself out there. I am a pretty shy and private person and it was difficult in the beginning to put the things that I had created out 'there' for others to see and comment on.

The best thing about being your own boss is the creative freedom it gives you. I make what I want, when I want (mostly).

Welcome Distressed Barn Wood 3 Dimensional Wall Hanging

I am usually up around 6 am. Get my coffee and check my emails. I take care of any correspondence that needs addressed and try to list a new product. I take a few minutes to promote on Pinterest or Facebook, then I am off to my day job. After I get home and have a meal I again check and respond to emails. I try to get in a little bit of creative craft time, but that is mostly reserved for weekends.

Primitive Valentine Love Letter and Heart Bowl Fillers

At this point I am just going to continue working at building up a loyal customer base. And let me say at this point, that I have the greatest customers! My goal is simple - to increase my sales over the previous year. Ideally I would like to get to the point where I could quit my day job, or at least only work part-time and do much more with my store.

Sunflower Nodder

I was written up in a local magazine as an example of someone who has taken their business to a new level by selling online. It is nice to see you name in black and white like that!

I cannot live without a glue gun! That is my single most important piece of equipment, followed by my sewing machine. I also love my sharpie makers!

I am on Facebook and Pinterest but am not terribly active. That is something that I need to work on a little more!

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