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The CraftStar Featured Artist: Twins Treasure Trove

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Our names are Mary Younger and Cathy Kedzuch. We are sisters and both live in the Mt. Vernon area of Illinois. 

We are both married and both have children and grandchildren. Mary has 7 children and 18 grandchildren, Cathy has 3 children and 6 grandchildren.  Mary has 5 dogs, Cathy has 2 cats.

We love to fish, hunt for treasures and spend as much time together as possible!

We sell vintage items that remind us of days gone by or have a memory for us.  We also like to upcycle single items that would end up in the landfills.   We do a little crafting as well.

Upcycled Bird Feeder

Pink Flora 2 Tier Pedestal Dish-Ironstone Double Phoenix Nikko-Japan

We started our business in 2010 on a fluke actually.  We had gone out shopping for treasures and had a beautiful plate we both loved.  We had everything spread out on the table which included some candle holders and Mary said “hmm, wonder how this plate would look on top of the candle holder”.  That was the beginning……..

Ruby Red Pedestal Plate Hand Made

The hardest thing about starting up our business was where to sell and how to price.  Our biggest roadblock was that we had both lived in different areas of the state. Cathy in Chicago, Mary in Southern Illinois.  We spent a lot of time on the phone, skype and IM figuring things out. 

Hand Painted Mirrored Vases

The best thing about being a small business owner is that we choose when we work. It leaves us time to play when we want to and work when we want to. Although we do turn work into play quite a bit.

Vintage Admiration Hosiery Box

We don’t have a standard or typical day.  We both do our “house work and errands” at some point, do research on items, take photos, list items.  Other days we go shopping to our favorite locations or yard sales and garage sales. Those days we love because we are out and about and have a nice lunch together. We make dinner for our families every day and then back on the computer.

We are the only two who work our shop.  We have so much fun J  One day we hope to have a brick and mortar store.  However we aren’t  getting any younger so we may just stick with online.  We would like to get into some of the flea markets and fairs locally.

Vintage Wilson's Cherry Red Leather Coat Size Small

As far as major accomplishments, we are just happy to have customers who have told us their stories and how the item they purchased fit into their lives.  To us, that is our pride and joy.

We have had so many stories where someone has purchased something that reminds them of their childhood, or replaced an item that was their mother’s that was broken, a girl who bought Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers figurines to put on top of their wedding cake because her future husband loved the old movies.  These stories touch our hearts and remind us that our items are needed back out in the world for others to enjoy once again.

Fine Bohemian China Tea Set- Czechoslovakia Diane

We decided it was time for Mary to learn hand plate drilling.  It was 100 in the shade and we were working outside.   One plate came out  perfectly after drilling for what seemed like forever.   We were so excited at our success, that we decided to try a depression glass plate.  It was taking so long and the bit was smoking, we thought maybe a little water would help the heat from the bit on the glass.  Boy were we mistaken.  We had been drinking ice water because of the heat outside, didn’t think anything about it.  Cathy dribbled a little water from her glass onto the plate, and BAMM it just shattered.  And all we could do was laugh so hard we were on the ground.  It was a learning experience for us.  Thankfully we have a drill press now, so  no more holding a hand drill for hours.

Oscar & Edgar Gutherz Plate The Southern Bells

We love them all (pieces in our shop), because we find them one at a time, and they are each special and unique.  Vintage reminds  us of family, each piece has a different meaning depending on the memory  of our past.

Amber Anchor Hocking Fairfield Divided Dish Fairfield Pattern

Vintage Rhinestone Pin Brooch

Our favorite items from other shops on The CraftStar include these:  

We love this piece from DLC GLASS STUDIO because it has a vintage appearance and will last a lifetime as it is not on paper.  What a great gift idea for a new parent!

Photo Fusing on Fused Glass by DLC Glass Studio LLC

And we love this picture, from Yankee Girl Art, because it portrays a time for quiet and reflection!  And a chair for each of us!

Hydrangeas and Adirondack Chairs-Photograph-Blue on Blue

We have recently started a blog about our adventures 

We are also doing a Twitter page @youngermary

Our coupon code is WELOVEVINTAGE  for 20% off any item in our shop!

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