Sunday, January 12, 2014

The CraftStar BootCamp Break Down: Week 1

The CraftStar got off to a roaring start with our Social Media BootCamp.  We began at the very beginning ... what IS social media?  Two very knowledgeable guys in the social media arena joined us to kick off the series:  Wade Harman and Jeff Sieh.  If you missed the show ... you can catch it below.

We will be running The CraftStar Social Media BootCamps LIVE, every Tuesday,  over 6 weeks.  If you can't catch them LIVE, you can always watch a replay ... available 24/7 on our YouTube channel:

On Thursdays, we're breaking down the BootCamp with Brandon.  Brandon is part of The CraftStar's tech and strategy team ... an amazing guy, who knows the online world inside out.  You can read about his background here:

These BootCamp Break Downs are much more informal.   YOU, The CraftStar seller, are welcome to join us "in the room" to ask questions.  The goal is for you to thoroughly understand the previous Tuesday's show, so you're ready to move on to the next week.

Ten people are allowed in the LIVE room at a time, so when your question is answered, we can replace you with the next person.

Thursday's Break Down was GREAT!  With some people saying they got even more out of it than they did Tuesday's show!

We covered quite a lot of areas, so if you want to watch again, you can here:

Some key points we touched on:

Twitter parties:


Hashtags: how vital they are in today's world of search!

The Importance of Great Photographs in E:commerce

Check out our How To Guides on The CraftStar:

Previous blogs on The CraftStar regarding photography:

Ways To Track the Success of Social Media:

Here's great blog posted the day after we discussed this!  With 4 free services.

HOMEWORK FOR WEEK 2:  Make sure you have a Pinterest account and Instagram account!

The CraftStar Social Media BootCamp:  Week 2 - Pinterest and Instagram
Event page:  (click on the link so you can watch it, and add it to your calendar!)

The CraftStar Social Media BootCamp: Week 1 - What IS Social Media?

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