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The CraftStar Social Media BootCamp: WEEK 1: What IS Social Media?

The CraftStar Social Media BootCamp Week 1:
What IS Social Media?

GUESTS:  Wade Harman and Jeff Sieh

A basic transcription of the show:

Over the next 6 weeks … We (The CraftStar) will be broadcasting a SOCIAL MEDIA BOOTCAMP.  From the VERY basics of “what IS Social media” … to breaking down the main routes and finding best ways of using them.

This series is based on and focused towards e:commerce small business owners.  As an e:commerce small business owner… social media isn’t a “I dabble here and there” thing anymore .. it’s a MUST.

There is SO much competition out there, that you want to make sure YOUR items get seen through the noise.  As we’ve said a million times … YOU GET OUT WHAT YOU PUT IN.  So, at the end of this six weeks, you will have a personalized “road map” for your social media work.  We push the 70 / 30 balance … 70% of your time should be creative / curative … and we’re going to make that 30% as easy and as fun as possible!

With social media … you also GET WHERE YOU SEND PEOPLE.  We can see The CraftStar sellers who drive their social media to their shops on The CraftStar.  And we can see those who list and have shops on The CraftStar … but send their social media to their Etsy shops.  I don’t get this … and when people email me saying they’re not getting sales in their TCS shop, I can just look at their social media use and see why.  If we ALL focus our social media to The CraftStar .. believe me, the traffic WILL follow!  And let’s face it, you have a MUCH better chance of being seen on TCS because we’re a billionth the size of E.

So ... each week we’ll be focusing on a different area of social media, and will be joined by pros in their fields.  These will be held every Tuesday night.  Then on Thursdays, we’re going to “break it down with Brandon” where YOU get to join us in the room, and ask Brandon questions.  We want to make sure you TOTALLY understand Tuesday’s info before we move on to the next week … this part is open to CraftStar members only.

So … let’s kick off WEEK 1 of The CraftStar BootCamp!  We have two VERY special guests … Wade Harman and Jeff Sieh.


I always find it much easier to do something / anything when I understand the whys: … why I should be doing it, and how it works … which is where we’re going to start off here.

Jeff’s introduction on Google + is fabulous:  Always learning and sharing.  Love helping small businesses succeed online.
In another life, I was a banjo playing professional magician. True Story.

I can’t let that go and just move on to social media … HAVE to ask you how a “banjo playing professional magician” works!


12 years experience and a web design company.  I run a large FB group with 18,000 people and have hit G+ hard personally and seen large growth in the last year.  You need to know your audience and listen.

BETHAN:  The definition of “social media” on Wikipedia is:  Social media refers to interaction among people in which they create, share, and/or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks.


Jeff:  please give us the basics of what IS social media in your opinion?  Where do you start?

Make accounts on all social networks; even if you plan on using only two or three.  Also remember reviews are critical so having all the social media sites set up then you can respond to reviews.  You want to listen to your clients on these social media accounts.  Start small, ask questions, look at though leaders (share that).  You can see that social networks are different and each has its benefits and uses.  Start for searching for your audience and do it for 20 mins a day.  If you don’t do it your competitors will do it. If you don’t want to do it then hire out someone.  When I started I wrote blog posts and paid someone to edit them for me to make sure they sound good.


Three people take credit for coining the term “social media”:

1.  Tina Sharkey, CEO of and a former executive at iVillage and AOL. …. she coined “social media” during the early days of iVillage, where she was in charge of community-building. She confirmed that. “I said, ‘Well, it’s not like service media, and it’s not quite informational media — it’s social media!’” she said. “It wasn’t media we were creating — it was media we were facilitating.” Sharkey added that she owns the domain

2.  But she didn’t register that URL until 1999, and there’s no public evidence of her using the term before then. The earliest citation in Nexis or Factiva for a use of “social media” in anything like the way it’s used now is from 1997, when serial entrepreneur Ted Leonsis, then an executive at AOL, was quoted talking about the need to offer users “social media, places where they can be entertained, communicate, and participate in a social environment.”
3. Darrell Berry, a self-described “photographer/writer/social media researcher & strategist/hacker,” says he began using the term sometime in late 1994 as he was developing an online media environment called Matisse while living in Tokyo. In May 1995, he wrote a paper on “social media spaces,” arguing that the internet had to evolve from what was then essentially a static archive of documents into a network of users engaging with each other.  “I have no recollection of having seen that expression prior to that, apart from myself and a couple of friends,” he says.

Bethan:  The way I look at it, and the way we use it as a company (The CraftStar) … social media is the new broadcasting.  I do talks on this new world of broadcasting … and part of the spiel is that “broadcasting” itself is a misnomer now.  It’s “narrow” casting … focused to who your audience is.  As an e:commerce seller, this focus may change depending on what you’re selling.  You’ll use a different voice, and perhaps different social media routes to sell handmade jewelry, than you would selling vintage.

Wade:   Wade Harman is a full time blogger and Relationship Marketing and Social Media Psychology expert. He has a Psychology degree , and uses it to help people create action from their social media updates. Wade also hosts  a weekly Hangout on Air called Relationship Marketing, where he shows you how to create profits, build readership, and a bigger following online!
He was also nominated for one of the Top Ten Social Media Blogs of 2013 by


WADE BACKGROUND: Grew up in coal mining, and got a degree in psychology.  Got injured coal mining and found about social media in 2009.  In 2012 I started a blog and realized social media is where I need to be.  I studied social media and learned as much as I can.

Bethan asking Wade: With a background in psychology … what is the psychology behind social media?


* From a psychology standpoint, how do you look at it:  from the creators point of view, the viewers point of view, or both? 

* How do they differ?

People judge others within the first 8 seconds of meeting the person. Not a lot of time to get to know the real “You” is it? The same goes for a social media update. Even though the content on the other side of that update may be beautiful, and some of the best ever written, it’s what’s evaluated on the other side, ie, in the social update, that determines in the readers mind if this is worthy of pursuing further.
The average attention span of a person done by a recent study in 2012 was only 8 seconds. Which means that you have at least that much time, probably less, in social media to get someone’s attention with your updates. (

Jeff:  how would you say that applies to Social Media overall?

Social media is people coming together.  FB first started as a FB type intranet to help students with classes, homework, papers, etc.  As humans we monetized social media as part of our human nature.  It has gone downhill due to everyone trying to make money.  It has lost the interactions and is now more about me.  We need to pull away and start helping others out.  We are only sending out the messages and not expecting the engagement.  We are only doing the social and not the media.

From: (
Your followers are people just like yourself who enjoy hearing from a real person.  There is a reason that they are reading the content you write.  You are providing something that adds value for them.  Think about how affirming it is when someone you admire acknowledges you.  Here are some ways that you can show appreciation to your followers.
1.  Thank them publicly by name. – It can take a long time, but I still recommend thanking everyone who shares your content.  By thanking them in the comments or a retweet, you’ll find that many times you’ll be able to start a valuable conversation.
2.  Follow them back. – On some networks it is just common courtesy to follow them back.  If someone is consistently interacting with your posts, following them back can show them your appreciation.
3.  Add them to a “special” list, then share the list.  John Paul Aguiar has a great list called 250 Follow Friday Favorite People.  This is a great way to honor your followers and show them that they are important to you.
4.  Give them exclusive deals. –  If you have products you sell, a coupon code or a discount that is exclusive to your followers is a great way to say thank you.
5.  Share reader accomplishments. – If a follower launches a new book, gets their article published, or has some other significant accomplishment, mention them.  It may […] 
Bethan:  Taking an overall look at social media … in all the routes you’re involved in and what we’ll be covering over the next 6 weeks … let’s take it the VERY fundamentals:  what is one trying to achieve on social media?

You need to create many relationships not just a few.

Wade:  summarize article How Social Media Updating Affects The Brain”

Bethan:  In a recent Market Force survey, 81 percent of U.S. consumers surveyed declared social networking recommendations were integral to their purchase decisions.(NOV 2013)

Social e-commerce strategies can benefit large corporations and newcomers alike. Ad spending, marketing budgets, and personnel are often barriers for entry for entrepreneurs introducing a new product. Incorporating social apps within a site such as sharing features, social rewards, a discovery product feed, and purchase sharing buttons can boost product exposure and brand notoriety.  (

Bethan:  Let’s say we’re starting from scratch … where would YOU start on social media?


When I first started I wanted to dominate everything and it spread me thin.  I bought these tools to help save time, but these tools made it more in-personable.  Pick a social network and stick with it.  Where is your crowd base coming from and where do you get the most responsiveness.  I personally use G+, but that best suits my individual needs. 


You can spread yourself too thin to quickly.  If you have 18K people on Facebook you cannot shift them all over to G+.  Pinterest is the place to go for crafters.  They say 20 mins a day, but the more time you spend the better the results will be.  It takes time and effort.

BETHAN:  (from an article on e:commerce)

·      Customers. Using social media will allow you to increase your customer base. By creating an online presence, your marketing campaigns can include a population of people that you could never reach through local advertising. You now have the opportunity to grow your customer base by simply creating and maintaining an online presence.

·      Visibility. You can use your social media presence to let your customers and followers know what your business is doing. And when you are doing great things, your followers are more likely to share your business with their friends and family who may also be interested in what you have to offer. The more followers you have through your social media outlets, the more followers and exposure you can gain as people share your business with others.

·      Content. By using social media, you can advertise specials that you are offering to your customers, increasing the reach of your special promotions. You can also use online content to let the public know more about the personal side of your business, like how you handle your customers. For example, a dressmaker might write a blog post about how she helped a customer and her daughter find that perfect prom dress at the last moment. Creating a connection with your potential customers can increase your customer base and brand loyalty. By using social media on a consistent basis, you are always adding fresh content, which will attract more visitors to your website.

·      Involvement. Perhaps you own a shoe store and think you have the best selection available in your city. However, if you allow for customer comments via social media, you may discover there's a popular brand or size of show that you do not carry. By hearing what your customers want, you are able to meet their needs. When you find out what your customers truly desire and by fulfilling those needs, you will be increasing their trust in your company and creating repeat customers at the same time. Additionally, when you please even one client, they will in turn recommend you to their friends, increasing your customer base. 

Target. With social media, you can target specific demographics to get your name in front of the exact group people that you want to see your products. For example, if you place an ad on Facebook, you can select very specific criteria (say, men who like skydiving and who live in Ohio), and Facebook will show your ad to just the group you're targeting. By targeting narrow groups of potential customers, you get the most bang for your marketing buck.  

Bethan:  Overall … Is there a right way and a wrong way of “social media behavior”?  And remember …we’re focusing on e:commerce small businesses.

If someone makes a comment you respond and it makes it authentic and personable.  Ask questions.  Do not just broadcast, but also listen, ask questions, share their stuff, etc.

Bethan:  from those answers … let’s come up with THREE KEY POINTS for the RIGHT way … and THREE KEY POINTS for the WRONG way

Communication, compilation, and .  Just listen to people so you know what they need and way.  There is someone who wants your product; you just have to find them.

How do you get to know your audience when they don't even attempt to interact with you?

JEFF: Be creative and find ways to engage your customers.  How to get customers involved without blasting them out.  Stand out and set yourself apart.  Create a funny tutorial and just think outside the box.

WADE: Its easier said than done.  There are so many people doing what I am doing then go deeper into your niche or think of something new.
JEFF: Have a strategy, but don’t be scared to shift it.  You may need to change it.  I am now talking about mens strategies for Pinterest, something I never thought I would be doing.

Bethan:  What is KEY to social media success (overall) (for e:commerce small businesses)

Interact with others, thank people for shares, and business is personal in 2014.  Be personable, people don’t want business. 

Be nice, be nice & be nice.  I hate relationship marketing; it doesn’t work like that.  We do biz because we know eachother.  Relationships through engagement are why we are here now.

Bethan:  You all might be pleased to know, that I found in my research:
Social media has overtaken pornography as the No. 1 activity on the web!


Wade Harman: where can we find you online? 
5pm doing relationship marketing

Jeff Sieh:  where can we find you online? talking about men for pinterest

Thank you VERY much to Wade Harman and Jeff Sieh for their help, knowledge and expertise in breaking down the very fundamentals of what IS social media.  We’ll be breaking it down even further on Thursday at 5pm PST / 8pm EST … so please join us then if you can. 

Tomorrow night we have our WEDNESDAY NIGHT LIVE SALES – 4 shops, selling LIVE (our mini-Home Shopping Network).

THURSDAY NIGHT:  TheCraftStar BootCamp Breakdown with Brandon.  We want to make sure you get all the information shared on Tuesdays so you're ready for the next week.  You'll be able to join us "in the room" and ask any questions you may have.  This is available for CraftStar sellers only.

NEXT TUESDAY … Part 2 of The CraftStar Social Media Bootcamp … we’ll be focusing on Pinterest and Instagram.  So make sure you have accounts in both places .. and our guest PROS will be showing us how best to utilize those!


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