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The CraftStar Featured Artist: Steampunk Beadery

Your home for Handmade Classic and Steampunk Jewelry.Each piece is unique and Hand Crafted.Steampunk Beadery showcases a One of a Kind romantic twist to Steampunk style,and also features many of your Classic Hand Crafted favorites. I am always thrilled to do custom work as well, feel free to send me a message if you have something in mind that is not featured. 

My name is Rhonda Green and I live in Pickens, South Caroline.  I'm married to Robert and we have three kids:  Troy(14) Cooper (13) Grace (9) Emma (6) and three dogs: Kow, Raye, Puppy

People know me for my Steampunk Jewelry and my love for coffee!  My two coffee machines, that are on the go pretty much 24/7 are called "The Twins"!

I have been making jewelry since I was around 8 years old. Because of my interest in my Cherokee heritage I wanted to learn how to bead weave.  I started with a loom I made from nails and a block of wood.  It was always just a side hobby until I was a forklift driver, and everyone always wanted the jewelry I had on.  So I jumped back in feet first!  

Steampunk Necklace - Vintage Butterfly - Steampunk Art

E:commerce became my thing after a layoff.  I wanted a piece of crochet jewelry an online friend had made, and asked could we trade.  She suggested I start selling on the site she used ... and it just took off from there.  After a year of listening to negativity in the community I left, even though I had good sales.  I don't regret though!  That is where I met my "adopted sister" Claudia Bruno. She has been my mentor and teacher in designing Steampunk Jewelry. I stumbled upon The CraftStar through a Facebook post by Fonte Noir ... and the rest ... is history!

Romance in Chains

My aspirations for my store are the same as my hopes for every store on The CraftStar. To see each of us grow together and beyond belief in a supportive community environment!  My personal dream always has been to have someone famous wear my jewelry just once. 

Steampunk Necklace - Black Butterfly

I was recently named one of the "Google Plus Most Interesting Ladies". I am quite proud and honored to have made a "Birthday Tiara" for our The CraftStar friend and supporter Mia Voss!

What are three tools in your work space that you could not live 

Glue, pliers and nail polish!

I love how everyone cleans up their work space before sending in photos, so I thought I would send what my table really looks like.  Besides if I cleaned it, I wouldn't be able to find anything for a month! "Organized Chaos" 

Have you ever experienced a craft disaster? What happened?

Yes I have. A friend sent me some fabulous vintage and estate jewelry a couple years ago. Included was a multi-strand bridal choker. The piece was quite loose from age, so being the OCD crafter that I am, I decided to restring it.  It took a couple of days to do, because I added beads to it and wanted to have the bead count "Just Right".  When I finished, I noticed I had one extra bead in it, so I started all over!  A week later..all finished again... I sat it on my coffee table and got up for coffee and a stretch. When I came back and picked it up - it fell apart. Beads. EVERYWHERE!  My Emma who was three at the time, came along and saw some really fun scissors on  the table and thought she would try them out.

Needless to say... I fixed it but just never had the heart to list the thing!

How important is marketing for your small business and what has 
been most effective for you?

Marketing is very important!  With today's competition you can't just put your product on the internet and expect miracles to happen. You have to actively and vigorously promote your product.  I use social media not just to promote my work, but to build those relationships from the ground up and find out what my potential customers like/want and need.  Google Plus is most effective for me!

Pink Butterfly Earrings

What item in your shop is your top seller or is your favorite design?

My top seller has always been my Cleopatra pieces. I see that changing soon with the addition of my newest "Bike Gear" pieces in partnership with Jerks Bike Shop and owner Kirk Sherrod!

Steampunk Bracelet - Tattered Buttons And Gears

What are your 2 favorite items from other shops on The CraftStar, with links? What do you like about them?

I love the black patina cuff and the pink sparkle doesn't hurt! But then again I love everything Claudia does!

I am in LOVE with this Fingerprint bracelet! How clever! Cheryl is so very talented and all her work is amazing, but this is hands down my favorite!

 How much do you social network? 
I use Social media 7 days a week. 


Twitter : @steampunkbeadery
Google Plus : +rhondagreen or

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