Monday, March 31, 2014

The CraftStar Featured Artist: DLC GLASS

My name is Denise Clenney. I live in Marshall, Michigan with my husband Mike and sweet little dog, Sully.

I have two grown boys; Kiel who is married to my daughter in law Nicci - they have two adorable kids, Marley, my sunshine, who is 4 years old, and Oliver who is 11 months old and just about the cutest thing ever!

My younger son lives in Pennsylvania with his wife Marissa.  They are expecting their first child at the end of May!  I can not wait for this new arrival!

Photo Fusing on Fused Glass

I have always painted and drawn.  I took a stained glass course years ago and just loved it.  But, I was missing my painting.  Then I found fused glass!  It has helped to combine several of the things that I love in one!

Multi Colored Fused Glass Bowl

I can "paint" with glass!  After making quite a few things, I needed to start selling them to support my habit. Ta Dah, my business was born. :)

I contacted a local person who helped with with some of the more boring parts of starting a business - getting a  tax ID, business number all of that good stuff. 

Three Cherry Blossom Trees in Fused Glass

My hopes for my store are to continue to learn how to market better and grow a larger audience to my store.  I would love to see my store being super busy year round and have a hard time keeping up with the demand of my work. 

As far as major accomplishments, I have my work in a salon, church and in several spots all over the world.  I have been in a few ads featuring my work for a larger company.  And I have been occasionally in a newspaper or two.

4th Battalion, 3 rd Air Defense Artillery Stained Glass Panel

The three things in my work space I could not live without are:  my kiln, my very large table, and my glass cutter.

I have experienced many craft disasters!  Sometimes the disasters are better than what I had in mind to begin with, but, sometimes, it is a matter of throwing out what I did and starting over.  This happens usually when I program my kiln wrong or get in a hurry and peek in there too much.  (I'm not all that patient)!

Marketing is very important for my business. I find when I don't put the time and effort into marketing, my business slows way down.  It is something I need to continue to spend time on and learn, learn, learn.

One of my more popular items are my trees on Fused Glass that can be hung pretty much anywhere. All of my items are one of a kind and signed.  I also offer them in a variety of colors.

I love this Retro Flower because its nice and bright, fun and happy!

I am in love with the brown, cream and turquoise bowl. The colors go so wonderful together and is just a unique fun bowl that can be used in any decor or for any occasion!

I do try to do social networking. Some days are better than others!  Again, I need to learn more and better ways of doing it.  As well, as mastering networking AND working on my art!  I can get all wrapped up in my shop one day and not get to the networking, or just network and not make it into the shop.

Twitter:  @deniseclenney
Pinterest:  DeniseLamoreuxClenney

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