Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The CraftStar April Promotion: Flash Sales / Interactive Auctions

The Summary:  

Looking for an exciting new place to sell?  Join The Craftstar’s new Flash Sales /  Interactive Auctions! These events are a perfect place to reach customers in a whole new way.  As a participant you have instant access to a team who will provide you with clear direction, networking opportunities and promotional materials for your items.  This includes images and videos for you to share on all your social media and site platforms.  We host a LIVE show for every event where buyers have the opportunity to ask questions, interact and buy your items on the spot.  Prices are determined before the auction so you will know exactly what they will sell for.   Don’t have a shop on The CraftStar?  Don’t worry!  We are offering a special promotion so you can try it out for an entire month free!   The Craftstar is a community and we are excited for you to join us!  Please contact our team today for more details on this exciting opportunity. 


The Breakdown:

The CraftStar is built, literally, around our community.  New features get added when the demand is there ... we listen and act.  As a community, it's important to us that our members are getting what they want.

We've had requests to create an auction platform based on The CraftStar way of doing business:  open, honest, supportive and community driven.  Those requests started to become a regular thing.  It became obvious that sellers were looking for an alternative to what's currently out there, and we looked into building a new site, but decided it would take too long and cost too much as those costs would need to be reflected in listing and sales prices.  So, we teamed up with a company who are experts in this field ... and run auctions / flash sales on Facebook and Instagram.  Their methodology is pretty genius, as we all know that the more people that share things on these platforms, the more people see them ... it's an inbuilt marketing system.

What exactly is a FLASH SALE / INTERACTIVE AUCTION?  The FLASH SALE part of it means the items on the block are at a fixed price.  If you list something for $10.00, it will sell for $10.00 (or not!), it won't get beaten down to $2.00.  This format is very transparent for buyers and an ease of mind for sellers.  The AUCTION component is LIMITED INVENTORY, and SET TIME AVAILABLE (24 hours.)  You can sell:  handmade, crafting supplies, vintage items.

We've now done a few Auctions / Live Sales on The CraftStar Facebook page, and sellers from other sites have asked if they could join in.  Our first reaction was "no, you need to have a shop on The CraftStar."  Then we thought "why"?  If people are looking for a venue to sell in the auction arena ... we have one, let's open it up and test it out.

So, for the month of April, ANYONE from ANY site can sell in our auctions.  The only downside of not having a shop on The CraftStar, is we can't allow links to other sites on our page.  CraftStar sellers will be able to promote "see more of my xxx at my shop xxx.thecraftstar.com" but it wouldn't make sense for us to have Etsy links on our page.  Not a huge downside for having an alternate venue to sell in.

We back up our events on The CraftStar with multi-media promotional packages.  We create graphics and videos for YOU to use in advance and which our social media team uses to promote on a regular basis.  Here are some examples:

IMAGES (Group)




For the month of April, listing any items in the Flash Sales / Interactive Auctions is FREE, with a low 10% commission taken from sales.  As we build steam, we will add a listing fee but it will be VERY fair and based on value of product rather than a cross the board fee.  For example, it will cost less to list an item selling for $2.75 then it will an item selling for $30.00.  (we're still working out these details to ensure these numbers are fair and attractive to sellers ... we would welcome your input!)

If you are interested in testing out The CraftStar and want to see what our community is all about, we're also offering a "get your first month free" promotion for the month of April.  If you sign up at any time in April, you will get your first month free ... just use this link:  https://www.thecraftstar.com/Signup/WELCOME/

The CraftStar does a lot for our community and one of the main features is promotion and marketing.  We use Google Hangouts to go LIVE several times a week, to interact with each other, to sell, and to educate.  The beauty of this is not only do sellers get sales and great information out of these sessions, but Google goes to YouTube and creates a Google circle ... what goes on Google stays on Google which is why The CraftStar ranks high in Google searches.

You can check out our YouTube channel here:  https://www.youtube.com/CraftStarTV

We're currently doing one FLASH SALE / INTERACTIVE AUCTION a week, and about to add a second one.  We can add as many as the demand requires!  We can do it every day ... as a community, we listen to you and what you need ... and we try to accommodate as best as possible.

Seller Benefits of The CraftStar Flash Sales / Interactive Auctions
  • Sale Price and additional discounts are agreed upon prior to listing so the seller is not concerned about sales prices
  • Low listing fees and commission
  • No commission on shipping cost 
  • Free item specific advertising including pictures and promotional material
  • Sellers can interact with the buyers on the FB page while we are "on the block" selling items
  • Sellers know who they can contact for prompt answers and information.
  • The CraftStar truly values our sellers and buyers.

So, what we're offering is a supportive, fair, interactive buying and selling platform with many unique aspects to it!  We give our sellers:

1.  Free promotional materials

2.  A LIVE event for every sale where sellers and buyers can interact

3.  A platform on Facebook where sellers and buyers can interact

4.  Scheduled GIVE AWAYS to attract new buyers

5.  A site that cares about YOU!

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