Monday, April 21, 2014

The CraftStar Featured Artist: Metal Images

Everything I make is made from recycled copper ,brass or steel. I also use Pewter,bronze or just about any other metal that comes across my path. I go out of my way to use any recyclable material,and to find new uses for anything I am about to throw away in my shop.

My name is Ralph Parus and I live in Romeo, Michigan with two cats, Max and Mittens.

I have had a passion for working with metal since high school.  Whenever I had the chance to sell something I made I would have a great feeling.  I wanted to feel that pride more often than every once in awhile, so I thought it would be a good idea to start selling online.

Copper Desk Sculpture

I'm getting towards retirement age, so between doing craft shows and my online sales, I hope to keep myself busy.

Heart Paperweight

I have a Foredom flexshaft that I first bought when I started making jewelry forty years ago. It sits at on the right side of my bench and is always ready to be used.  That, my hydraulic press and the jewelers vice on my bench are probably the three tools I couldn't be without.

Fortunately I have never experienced a craft disaster.  Just a broken tool that could be fixed in a short time!   I have had the pleasure of being involved in a project that will help craftspeople who have experienced disasters.  It is called the A Hundred For One Links project.  It is a group of links made artists from around the world.  The profit from it will go to the Craftsmen Emergency Relief Fund (CERF).  My link is the brass figure eight on the right. 

I have been teaching myself more and more about online marketing by finding free information online. I have come to the conclusion that if something sells in an online shop that doesn't rely on marketing, it sold by luck.

Framed Metal Wall Art of Pisces

The  sculpture I like the most is Josh' heart.  It's based on a graffiti tag my nephew Josh did. It means the most to me.

Right now I am concentrating on putting more metal plates in my shop  I would like to add some hollow ware also.

Large Handcrafted Foldformed Steel Plate

I like this mixed metals locket style necklace made by the Metal Fuze shop on The CraftStar.  It has a sculptural element to it and I like that in jewelry.

Think Good Thoughts Mixed Metal Locket Style Necklace

This gold ring is beautiful.  The description says that it was inspired by nature. I think its inspiration shows.  It's more than just words in a description.  

Nature Inspired Jewelry

14kt Yellow Gold Diamond Leaf and Vine Wedding Ring, Engagement Ring

After  I post everything in my store on The CraftStar, I am automatically asked if I would also like to post it on a number of social networking sights.  Pinterest is one of them, so I make sure to post it to my Pinterest account.

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