Tuesday, April 22, 2014

New Feature on The CraftStar - Sales History!


As the new kids on the block for e:commerce, The CraftStar is continually looking for ways to make the shopping experience better for both buyers and sellers.

Based on a lot of research, it's clear that customers feel more comfortable placing online orders with "trusted" sellers.  Trusted, in these terms, refers to those who have multiple transactions, and positive feedback and / or testimonials.

Being new, we're aware that many sellers haven't had the opportunity to rack up the sales they have had on other, older sites.  While your new shop on The CraftStar is most probably fabulous, we don't want the lack of sales numbers to deter possible buyers.

So ... we've created "Sales History" which you can now add into your shop on The CraftStar.

Sales History has multiple fields:  number of online sales, number of offline sales, information field on where you sell, and a field for up to three testimonials.

This is how it looks when you fill it out:

The info (i) is a hover over, which explains to customers what Sales History is:

We are very excited about introducing this new, unique feature to The CraftStar!  For directions on how to apply it to your shop, please visit our How To Guides on site: https://www.thecraftstar.com/howtos/

If you don't have a shop on The CraftStar, we'd love you to join our community!  Please use this link to get your first month free!  https://www.thecraftstar.com/Signup/WELCOME


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