Monday, April 28, 2014

The CraftStar Featured Artist of the Week: Mel Joines Studio

I am a Master Engraver & Jewelry Designer:  Creating original styles of jewelry from stainless steel. By engraving and polishing each piece to a mirror finish. For ease of care and a long lasting brilliance. Adding elegance, perfect for any occasion.

I am Mel Joines.  I live in Candler, North Carolina.  I have been married to Theresa Joines for 27 years, 4 months.  We have 5, four legged people that share our lives: Lady Godiva, a Himalayan cat is 11 years old, Miss Southern Blue Belle - a Silver Shaded Torte Persian cat is 10 years old, Cleopatra is a Shaded Golden Persian cat and is 9 years old and Cinderella, who is a 7 yr. old  black and tan Chihuahua.  And the newest member is Scarlett, she is 4.5 month old American Blue Gascon Blue-tick  coonhound.

I learned to fabricate using metal while in the US Navy (1970 - 1978).  Working from blue prints and design sketches.  I was a certified pressure hull and pipe welder, by the time I was Honorably Discharged.

During this career I worked on many surface vessels,  also nuclear submarines.  I carried these skills and more into the Aero Space Industry.  In 1990 a back injury changed the course I was to travel.  1991 I learned computer aided drafting and design.  In 1992, I purchased an engraving system. 

I started engraving everything I could get.  There was not a single glass in the cupboard that was not engraved.  I have worked on many mediums (ostrich and emu eggshells, glass, crystal, stone, wood, and metals). 

In 2007 I discovered that I needed a Medic Alert Bracelet.  And not liking what was on the market. I designed and fabricated my own using stainless steel. With all appropriate identifiers and information engraved inside and outside. This was the beginning of my jewelry designing and making business.

I would like to see the store in such high demand that I have a waiting list on custom crafted jewelry.  I see myself still having fun creating new wearable art, in the years to come.  And possibly teaching others in the art of engraving.

I have replaced piping in nuclear submarines that have gone to the deepest parts of the oceans. While working for Rockwell International STS, I made parts and installed them into the Space Shuttle Atlantis, which has been to outer space and back several times.  In 2013, I was honored by having the title of Master Engraver bestowed upon me.

The three tools I would not live without ... that is tough, being a tool junkie.  I have never met a tool that I didn’t like.  Well #1 would be my Paragrave Engraving system, #2 will have to be a pencil and sketch pad and #3 will be my Parablaster Engraving system.

Spiral in Stainless Necklace and Earring Set

Have I had any craft disasters?  No.  I have had some projects take a turn part way to completion and turn out different from the design imagined. Which as it turned out was not a bad thing.

Marketing is the only way any business can grow.  So far membership in various organizations and word of mouth have been the most effective for me so far.

My best seller has been Medic Alert Bracelets for Disabled Veterans of our country.  My favorite one so far is the Steeds of Llyr!

Steeds of Llyr

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