Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Summer of Love: Tie Dye Trends!

Tie Dye is one of the top trends for the summer! 

Dip into these beauties and get on the fashion forward track

Lotus with Spine 2: Tie Dyed Multi-color Lotus on a Spaghetti Strap Tank Top; Women's Medium

Glowing Lotus: Tie Dyed Lotus design in Overlapping Spring Colors; Unisex Small

Lavender Lotus: Tie Dyed Lotus in Purples and Blue; Women's L

Tribal V on Turquoise: Tie Dye Shirt With Interwoven V Pattern Against a Turquoise Background; Men's XL

Side Spiral Long Sleeve Tie Dye

Circle of Eyes: Tie Dyed Tank Top Mandala; Women's XL

Icy Heart: Reverse Shibori Dye T-Shirt With Heart Design in Pink and Blue; Women's XL

Chi Fire: Reverse Shibori Dye Of A Swirling Ball of Fire On the Back Of A Tai Chi Jacket, Women's Extra Large or Men's Large

Snow Star; Snow Tie Dyed Star in Red, Jade Green and Purple; Unisex Small

Turquoise and Yellow Lotus on Fuchsia: Tie Dye Lotus Tank Top in Women's Medium


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