Monday, May 5, 2014

The CraftStar Featured Artist: Yoga Dose

I create my jewelry with intention, love, and compassion with the wearer in mind. I string each bead and tie each knot by hand. The process is special to me as it becomes my platform of creativity and takes me to a place of absolute contentment. Thank you for letting me share the light.

My name is Chanel Davidoff from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

I am a yoga instructor and medical student that wishes to find balance in life.  

I got started making jewelry when I started deepening my yoga and meditation practice.  I researched and read about the purpose of Mala Meditation necklaces often used by yoga practitioners for years.  

I was intrigued by the therapeutic effects of wearing malas.  Traditionally there are 108 beads which serve as an aid for meditation as a guide to count and repeat breaths and daily affirmations or "personal mantras”.  I felt it would be special if I created my own Mala necklace to wear.  I strung and knotted the beads and tassel together and fell in love with the process.  It was meditative in itself.  I started creating necklaces and bracelets to give to family and friends as gifts. 

Eventually, I was told there was something special about receiving handcrafted jewelry. That by designing, creating, and sharing jewelry, I was sharing my light with others.  

Mala Meditation Necklace - Royal Insight by YogaDose

I want to encourage others to wear their jewelry with purpose and intention. 

My hope is to continue to share my light with others.  Create to inspire.  I see myself finishing med school to become a physician who encourages healing on all levels; mind, body, and spirit.  I want my jewelry to convey this same message.  

I recently had the opportunity to sponsor an Instagram Yoga Challenge called “DoYougaChallange” which encourages the instagram yoga community to take a moment every day and try a pose and set an intention.  The participants take a picture of the pose and Hashtag #DoYougaChallange.  Eventually a winner is chosen and will receive one of my handcrafted necklaces!

Mala Meditation Necklace - Protect and Prosper

Believe it or not, my tools are my hands.  In creating pieces I had to learn to be very patient throughout the beading process.  I don’t have any special nifty gadgets that allows me to speed up production. It's just me and my two hands!

I truly enjoy embracing the flow of stringing bracelets and necklaces.

Evil Eye Tassel Stack - Bodhi Seed (2 Pieces)

Since my jewelry is inspired by yoga, the way I market my business is by taking photos of yoga postures with featured pieces.  

Each piece is unique and one of a kind.  My favorite design is the Tranquility Mala Meditation Necklace.  The earthy blue green stones are associated with initiation, tranquility, and serenity.  The necklace may even serve as a reminder of your personal state of bliss - whatever it may be.

Mala Meditation Necklace - Tranquility (108 beads)

I have a confession; I have an old soul.  So, sometimes I really enjoy looking at vintage items.  The CraftStar really highlights a lot of this. 

Since I do love drinking tea, one of the items that has caught my eye is this vintage tea pot by Memory Lane shop.

Nippon Syrup Pitcher, Porcelain Tea Pot, Heart Shaped Spout, Hexagonal, Gilded, Noritake

Also, I really like This Hamsa Necklace by The Gypsy Road.  One of my favorite symbols to wear is a Hamsa hand as it is often what is highlighted in many of my pieces.  

The Gypsy Road Cream Quartz Hamsa Necklace


Instagram: @yogadose

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