Monday, August 25, 2014

The Creative Community Celebrates! Week 2

The creative community is celebrating the amazing artists, designers and small business owners who make our world a better place by sharing their talent!  

Rustic Craft

Fun Fact: Items are handcrafted from locally salvaged lumber and fallen trees in Central Massachusetts.

Please join us in celebrating RusticCraft. Why? As a wide ranging community of creatives we should be celebrating each other! By you sharing the links below, you're showing your appreciation for RusticCraft's creativity, you're giving a boost to a small business, you're giving this shop a pat on the back of congratulations, and a HUGE virtual hug! Wouldn't we ALL love that?

About RusticCraft and Artist Sam Squallia: Sam and her husband work together to bring customized beautiful designs for wide variety of celebrations. They specialize in natural wood cutting boards, upcycled furniture & more for handcrafted, hand-engraved unique wedding, anniversary & housewarming gifts.

You can find RusticCraft online here :
G+ :
The CraftStar:

RusticCraft is a proud member of The Creative Connection on The CraftStar.

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The Mark 44

Fun Fact : TheMark44 owner Jamie Fracaro lives in Hollywood ,Florida also known as the "Diamond of the Gold Coast". It is a city located in Broward County which is also where TLC's Police Women of Broward County was filmed.

About Jamie Fracaro and TheMark44 :

The Mark 44 has an incredible selection of supplies for all kinds of projects. Bails, beadcaps, charms, pendants and more adorn her corner of the ecommerce world.

Jamie has a special purpose for her retail journey. The ultimate goal for her having this shop is to travel to her father’s home in Indiana and get it restored to rentable condition and move him somewhere warmer. Right now he tells her Arizona would be a nice place to go, so that's the goal. And since he is incapable of doing this, living alone, it's up to his only child.

You can find TheMark44:

The CraftStar:
Twitter : @themark44

The Needle House

Fun fact: Eva is left handed but crochets with her right as it works better for her to do it that way.

About Artist Eva Harder:

My knitting started when I was 18 years old, when my first bosses wife taught me how. I learned how to crochet from a learn how book a few years later. Many changes happened through the years, I raised a family and had a career. A year ago I retired and just recently we celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary. Now I am devoting even more time to my hobby. I have done craft shows for 30+ years and now am selling online.

The Needle House is a proud member of The Creative Connection on The CraftStar.

Please check out The Needle House and find an item you really love. Share it, Tweet it, Pin it, SHOUT IT OUT TO THE WORLD! Use the hashtag #TCSCelebrates and you might win a free month or two on The CraftStar!

Suggestions of messaging to use:

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